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Optimised Ads Grow Business

Done right, PPC advertising is a fantastic tool for rapid lead generation. Done badly, it’s one of the best ways to p*ss your marketing budget up the wall. With PPC, poor targeting means your ads will likely be served to the wrong audience – pricey!

As a PPC agency, Fenti manage pay per click advertising on behalf of clients to deliver quality leads, fast. We produce and manage text, image and video ads across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Being a certified Google Partner means Fenti are proven Google Ads specialists. Your budget is in very capable hands with a consistent track record of delivering a high return for clients – we’re talking 500%+ increase in lead form submissions.

Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Lead Generation?

PPC Agency Sheffield - PPC Management Agency Sheffield - PPC Marketing Agency Sheffield - PPC Agency Near me - Fenti Marketing

Expert PPC Management

PPC management starts with understanding business objectives and target audience. In a nutshell, who you are and who you want to convert. The scattergun approach never has and never will work in marketing, so thorough research and planning are essential.

PPC management includes: Campaign strategy, Ad creation (text, images, video), Metric tools and tracking, Campaign set up, Consistent optimisation, Testing and Reporting.

PPC is not something you can have a stab at and leave to do its own thing. It’s a highly valuable marketing tool but also highly complex. If you need support marketing your business, PPC advertising is the one to outsource. A good PPC agency will help your business stand out in a crowded market and generate qualified leads with a healthy return on ad spend.

Google Ads Management

Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses SEO and PPC, working hand in hand to boost brand awareness and lead generation. Consumers and business buyers are spending more time researching and shopping online using Google, cementing the role of SEM in any marketing strategy.

Google Ads are displayed across multiple platforms, including display ads, shopping ads, and YouTube ads. Search ads are the most commonly used PPC ad type whereby an advert appears on the search engine results page (SERP). Keywords are the linchpin of Google Ads, connecting what Google users search for with the right advertiser.

Fenti offer a full Google Ads management service, with proven results. We work hard to maintain high Google quality scores for clients, ensuring their ads are rewarded with lower costs per click and higher exposure. Businesses large or small, new or established can benefit from professional Google Ads management.

Google Ads - PPC Agency Sheffield - PPC Management Agency Sheffield - PPC Marketing Agency Sheffield - PPC Agency Near me - Fenti Marketing
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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is the SME’s most powerful ally. With over two billion people using the social media platform every month, it is ideal to tap into vast consumer audiences. Advertisers target users based on their location, demographics, and interests with advertisers charged per impression (how many Facebook users the ad is displayed to).

Posts can be boosted through paid advertising, just look out for the ‘Sponsored’ label, directing prospects to website pages, literature downloads, apps, and so on. Facebook’s algorithm favours content that creates conversation and interaction, so post content needs to be relevant to the target audience, high quality, and engaging.

Fenti Facebook ads management service is ideal for business to consumer companies looking to increase brand awareness and sales. Whether you have a Facebook business page or not, Fenti PPC experts will get in the driving seat to set up and optimise ads that will unlock the growth you need.

LinkedIn Ads Management

The professional’s choice, LinkedIn ads are the best way to connect with the decision makers you need to get in front of. Circumvent those pesky gatekeepers with ads targeted by industry, location, job title, seniority, and experience.

Advertisers have a range of ad types to choose from, including single image, carousel (multiple images), video, and text, to boost awareness and generate leads. LinkedIn lead gen forms can also be used to great effect when attached to an ad, prepopulating fields with profile data for user convenience.

Combining data and sector insights, we keep our fingers on the pulse of your industry. Once we understand your business objectives, target audience, and budget, leave us to leverage this high value B2B acquisition tool.

LinkedIn Ads - PPC Agency Sheffield - PPC Management Agency Sheffield - PPC Marketing Agency Sheffield - PPC Agency Near me - Fenti Marketing

PPC Ads: How They Work

Pay per click advertising, known as PPC, is an internet-based advertising model, used to target users of online platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads. Text and digital media such as images and video are the most commonly used ad formats. Platform owners charge advertisers for each ad a prospect clicks. In search engine results pages, ads tend to be positioned at the top of each page and are identifiable by an ‘Ad’ label or shopping ads on the top and right of the page. On social media platforms, ads are identified by a ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Promoted’ label.

PPC ads can be precisely targeted to display ads to specific audiences, based on their search queries, location, demographics, and more. Advertisers bid against criteria relevant to their objectives, going through a complex auctioning process to win a bid. Factors influencing ad success include the advertisers maximum cost per click and quality score to determine where the ad will rank. Ad rank = quality score x max CPC.

Savvy advertisers can expect to see a return on ad spend quickly, which is why PPC has become a popular marketing tool. Performance is trackable within the platform’s advertising suite, and within a website owner’s analytics suite, to determine how many prospects have arrived via a PPC ad.

Learning how PPC management works across one or multiple online platforms is essential to success. As with most marketing disciplines, change is constant, so advertisers must stay on top of how to build and optimise campaigns, in addition to trends relevant to campaign objectives.

Fenti PPC Management FAQs

Read a selection of FAQs to find out more about PPC by Fenti. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, get in contact with us.

A PPC agency offers a range of services to manage pay per click advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. Using digital advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube to target users and deliver maximum revenue for client budgets.

Shortened to PPC, pay per click advertising is an internet-based advertising model used to target users of platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. Platform owners charge advertisers for each ad a prospect clicks.

Compile a brief of what you want to achieve with pay per click advertising, such as audience, messaging and revenue. Consider the importance you and your team place on face to face meetings to determine whether you would prefer to work with a local agency or not. Search engines and LinkedIn are a free research tool to begin your search for a PPC agency. In theory, agencies appearing on page one and two of search engine results pages will be doing a good job so send your brief over to ask for a quote. In the meantime, look for reviews and research the agency’s previous clients to help refine your PPC agency shortlist.

The majority of PPC ad campaigns will not exceed the advertiser’s maximum budget. Each targeting parameter or keyword will have an associated cost per click or impression, depending on competition and how specific or broad the query is. For example, ‘men’s trainers’ is a broad term whereas ‘red high top men’s trainers’ is a specific term.

First, determine your objectives. For instance, you might want more sales, more newsletter subscribers, or more leads. Next, decide which is the best advertising platform. This depends on your target audience’s preferred digital hang out or research tool. Next, create an ad account with your selected platform, be it Google Ads or Meta Business Suite, for example.

Research relevant keywords and audience targeting parameters to bid against, then get to work setting bids. Make sure you set a maximum budget (daily or monthly). Monitor performance and tweak as you go, ideally at least once a week, to maximise ad spend.

The landing page prospects are directed to, usually a product or promotion web page, must have the ability to convert users. Consider if the landing page can convince audiences to do what you want them to do?

There are several different Google Ad types: search ads, display ads, shopping ads and YouTube ads. Search ads match search engine user queries with ad content based on keywords. Display, shopping and YouTube ads are selected by Google as a relevant ad, using detailed product data provided by the advertiser. Remarketing ads (part of display ads service) target users who have previously visited a competitors website or your site but did not convert.  

An agency accredited by Google with a proven record of consistently delivering value for clients through Google Ads management expertise. Google Partners must reapply annually to maintain the accreditation.

Social media relies on consistency so outsourcing management is ideal to boost reach and audience engagement. Social media management includes content creation, regular posting, outreach, engagement, and performance reporting.

Extracting maximum value from pay per click advertising is a multifaceted task, incorporating several digital marketing disciplines. It is important to optimise the location prospects are directed to for conversion, known as the campaign landing page. Spend time understanding different bidding types and which strategy will be best for your budget, objective, and experience with PPC. Research which keywords each campaign will target, including audience search terms, competitor keywords, industry trends and local search terms, where applicable.

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