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Targeted Email Marketing Service

As a one-stop shop for all things marketing, Fenti offers you cost-effective, precise, and fast solutions to your bespoke email marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to keep in touch with current customers, entice potential clientele, or re-engage with lapsed customers, email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate and grow your customer database.

Our email marketing services not only simplifies the mailing process, but also enable you to be more imaginative with the information and materials that you send to your customers. Whether you’re interested in simple email marketing, or even a fully designed newsletter, if it’s a mailing to all your customers or just something aimed at a specific target group, we can help.

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Email Marketing Agency - Email Marketing Company - Email Marketing Services - Fenti Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

As a professional email marketing agency, we at Fenti understand more than most just how important effective email marketing is for you and your business. Having been instrumental in creating and evolving a huge series of brands since 2010, we take great pride in the effective marketing solutions we offer to our clients both in the UK and internationally.

An effective tool for lead generation and maintaining your existing client base, email marketing is a fantastic opportunity to pitch to an already receptive audience. Free opt-in advertising industry statistics claim that the average email open rate is around 18% – email marketing is simply a no-brainer if you’re looking for an effective marketing strategy that provides actual results.

Types Of Email Marketing Strategies

There are many ways in which an email marketing strategy can be effective for generating leads and brand interest. Some of the many kinds of email marketing include…

Welcome Emails

By welcoming both new and potential customers, you can let your audience know how valued their custom is.

Promotional Emails

Promote your business or organisation’s special offers, product releases, and services.

Informational Emails

Keep your client base informed about your latest milestones, new products, and more with newsletters and important announcements.

Re-Engagement Emails

Reconnect with inactive users and/or subscribers.

Email Marketing Agency - Email Marketing Company - Email Marketing Services - Fenti Marketing
Email Marketing Agency - Email Marketing Company - Email Marketing Services - Fenti Marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an incredibly useful and effective way to capture your client base’s attention, but what exactly are the benefits of email marketing?

Produces Leads & Conversions

Utilising an email marketing agency means you can expect your business to see an increase in leads and conversions. Offering unique offers and promotions via email marketing also helps to re-engage your audience. 

Some typical conversion-based marketing emails include personalised coupons and abandoned cart emails (triggered when a customer adds items to their cart but doesn’t check out).

Evokes Brand Awareness

Unlike more passive methods of marketing, email marketing allows you to reach your target market directly. Appearing in your customer’s inbox regularly will help evoke brand awareness, and a personalised marketing email is more likely to be effective than a social media post.

Not only this but due to its scalability, emails can be sent to a large number of customers simultaneously whilst still being extremely cost-effective.

Develops Customer Loyalty

Having a consistent email marketing campaign not only helps to remind customers about your business or organisation, but also helps to retain customers overall.

By offering exclusive promotions and discounts, as well as keeping them up to date with the latest news and updates, clients are more likely to become repeat buyers and associate your brand or business with reliability and trust.

Cost Effective Customer Communication

We will design your mailings in accordance with your branding, send them to your mailing list, and provide you with up-to-date reports on how many people have received your campaign, how many have opened it, and how many have acted on it. This is all valuable feedback for when you run your next campaign – what worked and what could be changed. We can even run a-b testing, where we trial two different emails with different designs or different messages to see what works better with your target group.

If you don’t have your own mailing list, need to improve the quality of your existing data, or want to target a different group of people, we can help to source and cleanse data so that your mailings are sent to the right people. We comply with all spam guidelines (to ensure that your email arrives in the recipient’s inbox and doesn’t get caught in the spam filter) and adhere to Data Protection laws so we don’t tarnish your hard-earned reputation.

Fenti Email Marketing Service FAQs

Email marketing is the method of promoting a business, organisation, or individual via a series of targeted emails. These emails could be promotional or informative, but most importantly must highlight your services in a succinct and personalised way in order to capture your audience’s attention; generating leads and conversions.

Email marketing is important for a number of reasons, but most importantly it allows you to keep in regular contact with both your pre-existing customers and website visitors. Past buyers will also feel appreciated; being updated with exclusive promotions, services, and events.

  • Create A Client List
  • Develop Your Email’s Physical Design
  • Personalise Email Content
  • Keep The Tone Conversational
  • Create Follow-Up Emails i.e. Abandoned Cart & Re-Engagement Emails
  • Adhere To Email/Spam Regulations & GDPR
  • Include Enticing CTAs (Calls To Action)
  • Track The Success Of Email Marketing Campaign

Utilising an email marketing agency can be an extremely effective way to manage your client base, retain customers, and keep them up to date with the latest promotions, offers, products, and more. By outsourcing your email marketing to a professional email marketing agency, you can focus on more essential aspects of the business, while we handle your email marketing, advertising, and more.

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