What Is Digital Marketing?

It’s likely that a large part of your marketing is digital.

Google. Word of mouth. Online advertising. Where do you start when trying to find the marketing agency of your dreams? Before you can chose which marketing agency you’re going to partner with, you need to be clear what you want your agency to do. Businesses can spend anything from 5-20% of their sales on their marketing budget – it’s a significant investment. So if you’re considering using a digital marketing agency, it has to be the right one to make sure you get a good return on your investment.

This straightforward checklist will guide you through the process, and we hope will leave you working with the perfect marketing partner. But as we move on, the question is, how will you adapt and deal with the opportunities and challenges for business? And, do you know which marketing techniques to focus on to benefit your business the most?

What Is Digital Marketing? - Fenti Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is essentially the use of the internet (social media, mobile devices, search engines, and digital channels) to reach customers and get your business seen.

It is the art of growing your visibility online. But what digital marketing activities should you focus on? Here’s a list of ten digital marketing activities to think about, to help you to grow your brand… But clients often ask, what is digital marketing and what activities should we be doing?

So here’s a guide to help you to achieve digital marketing success.

Use social media

Customers use social media to help find, research, and learn more about a brand before making the decision to engage with an organisation. Its powerful stuff. So, when we say ‘use’ social media, we mean stay active. Not just a few posts here and there – but regular, relevant and interesting posts. Add value to conversations, respond to comments, and share relevant news and information.

Work on your SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of optimising content on your website, so your pages appear at the top of search engine results for a specific set of keywords. The aim is to entice visitors to your website when they search for products, services, or information you might be able to supply.

Create awesome content

Content that is relevant to your target audience is worth the time and effort. It will build trust and let customers know that you are credible, so they will buy into your messages. Being front of mind is a powerful way to win new business.

Invest in design

How a business appears to its customers is incredibly important. Good design is everywhere, but great design will resonate and motivate customers to choose one company over another – especially online.

Email marketing

You can’t afford not to do it. Email marketing is incredibly cost effective. As well as sharing information to your existing customers, it can help reach new customers, build credibility, grow customer relationships as well as boost sales – immediately.

Write a blog

Blogs are a powerful digital marketing tool. They provide an opportunity to connect with your audience and can help build trust and better customer relationships. They can also drive traffic to your website and essentially boost sales.

Create awesome video

Because of the internet, businesses are more visible than ever, making video even more important. In a digital context, video helps build an authentic connection with your customers, in a way that standard text cannot achieve.

Pay Per Click (PPC) v Organic

PPC is essentially a link in an advertisement that a business has paid for to appear at the top of search results, in order to reach their target audience. Organic traffic comes directly from search engine results and is influenced by SEO. With the right focus, both can pay dividends and therefore need consideration.

Invest in your website

A well-designed and fully functioning website is a marketing must have. Websites deliver a strong first impression and a good website will instantly boost credibility – it can make your service or product more desirable than the alternatives.

Work with a digital marketing agency

Speak to a digital marketing expert – it can make your decisions easier and more cost effective. An agency can present the best strategy and tactics and help you make informed decisions to move forward with confidence. We’re pretty sure we’ve answered the key question, what is digital marketing? But if you want to dig deeper into how digital marketing can help your business grow, we’d love to share our expertise. Get in touch!