What is a Google Partner and Why Should You Work with One?

When diving deeper into digital marketing for your business and brand, it is vital to consider which agencies and partners are going to offer you the best support. If you have already dabbled in advertising online, it is likely you know the potential value of Google Ads. This online advertising tool can help you to reach organic traffic and improve your click-through rates. But what is a Google Partner, and how can one help manage your digital advertising campaign?

As the leading standard in PPC advertising (pay per click), it is safe to say that any specialist with experience in Google Ads will help you improve lead generation through your website. To make the most of your available marketing budget, it makes sense to work with proven specialists. Ultimately, that is where the benefits of a Google Partner accreditation start to stack up.

What is a Google Partner and Why Should You Work with One? - Fenti Marketing

Why find a Google Partner?

Google has fine-tuned its online advertising standards hugely over the years, using its search engine algorithms and ranking methodology. It is safe to say that both PPC and SEO (search engine optimisation) work hand in hand with brand awareness and lead generation.

A Google Partner is an agency that has earned a Google Ads management accreditation. This means individual team members have worked to obtain qualifications, proving their expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns. Once the agency team members have achieved Google Ads certifications – undertaken on an annual basis – the agency itself must meet a set of criteria to prove its ability to deliver value for its clients. Requirements for achieving a Google Partner badge cover performance (meeting your client’s objectives), spend (maintaining consistent ad spend), and certification (team member certifications).

There is more to Google Ads training than just learning about PPC bids and which key phrases are likely to perform best. Google’s search empire encompasses video, mobile search, ecommerce, and display advertising. While Google’s ‘secret recipe’ for search rankings is always changing, they share regular updates and best practice for Ads management strategies, with willing digital marketers. Remaining current in the fine art of Google Ads management is a time-consuming process.

The bottom line is, when you find a Google Partner, you find a digital advertising specialist who has the requisite knowledge to create campaigns that deliver value for your business. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Further benefits of Google Partner support

When you work with a Google Partner, you are working with an agency team that live and breathe Google Ads. This means they are always up to speed with the latest changes to Ads tools and algorithms. It also means you can rely on your chosen Google Partner agency to deliver exceptional return on ad spend (ROAS).

PPC, much like Google’s search algorithms, is always evolving. A Google Partner has their finger on the PPC pulse to ensure your campaigns are driving the very best results for your budget.

Direct links to Google

A Google Partner is a white hat operator. There are no second-guesses about which Ads strategies will work, and which won’t. They are linked directly via Google, and therefore use Google’s own tools and resources to implement and manage campaigns.

By using first-party software, you can be sure that your Google Partner has access to the best in-roads to Ads success. They can use their knowledge and flex their marketing muscles via purpose-built platforms that Google has designed, for the best results.

What is a Google Partner and Why Should You Work with One? - Fenti Marketing

Standards are always high

For any agency or marketer to retain Google Partner status, they need to uphold Google’s core values and deliver results for their clients. There’s no room to take short cuts with PPC; Google ensures that any agency with a Google Partner badge maintains the highest standards of Google ads management, always.

Google cares deeply about who they partner with – they want to protect their reputation as much as any brand – so their criteria are stringent. When you choose a Google Partner, you choose an experienced expert who is willing to go the extra mile for their clients’ Ads campaigns.

Demonstrable expertise

It is often all too easy to take a digital marketer or agency’s word for their expertise with PPC. However, a Google Partnership accreditation is a clear, certified indication that they are experts in the craft.

Google Ads encompass a huge variety of different search platforms – as mentioned, your Ads will not only appear in default text search, but also in video listings, display ads and in shopping links (if you have an online store).

Find a Google Partner in South Yorkshire

As a certified Google Partner, Fenti manages PPC campaigns for their clients, in addition to cross-media digital marketing management. Fenti Google Ads experts undertake regular training to run the most effective campaigns, with high return for all clients.

If you’d like to know more about how the Google Ads team at Fenti can deliver qualified leads to your website, get in contact for a free, no-obligation consultation.