How to Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide

If you are in the process of promoting your business online, then you may have come across Google Ads. Previously known as AdWords, these paid search engine results can make a lot of difference to how your business appears to people online. Therefore, learning how to use Google Ads to your advantage is likely to be worth looking into.

In this guide to Google Ads, we will take a look at the program’s history and look at how you can use best practice for your own business strategy this year.

How to Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide - Fenti Marketing

How to Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide - FentiMarketing

A Brief History of Google Ads

Google Ads, as mentioned, started as AdWords. This was the search engine giant’s second foray into the world of web advertising, and it initially started in October 2000. Its initial user base numbered no more than 350.

In 2000, the average search total per day amounted to around 20 million. In 2021, that figure is closer to three billion. Therefore, as search demand has exploded, so has the way Google helps businesses advertise on the web.

Google has repositioned Google Ads and firmly cemented it as an integral element of every marketing department strategy. Google Ads allows a business to purchase advertising space on search listings using a bidding system. Google Ads requirements for technical expertise run deep, and it is widely accepted that training is required to manage this type of advertising – it is easy to unintentionally waste money on spend here.

What’s more, it is always prudent to continue using SEO best practice (search engine optimisation) to optimise your web page results in organic search, rather than only investing in highly competitive paid ads served at the top of a search engine results page.

How it All Works

Google Ads effectively allows business users and marketers to purchase space on SERPs, or search engine results pages. This means that, essentially, marketers will need to buy ad space on a keyword or search phrase that appeals to a business’ chosen demographic or search audience.

To learn about how to use Google Ads effectively, the business owner or marketer must carry out keyword research. This is Pay Per Click (or PPC), which means that you pay a certain amount of money for each click someone makes on your ad.

Google runs this on a bidding system. This is because the cost per click for some keywords will be higher than others. Generally, you can expect more competitive keywords to be more expensive to bid for, and the more niche or long-tail phrases to be more affordable. There are exceptions to the rule, which is why it is worth carefully researching keywords before you set bids.

You will set maximum bid amounts per click for your chosen phrase. If Google determines the cost to be lower than your max, you’ll win that bid.

However, other factors can come into play. For example, Google will assess your ad and grade it based on its perceived quality, on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher your ad’s quality, the more chance you will have of it appearing high on SERPs.

Google Ads revolve around three main options. You can either choose to pay per engagement (paying when users perform a specific action on your ad), per click, or per mille. Per mille packages allow you to purchase up to 1,000 impressions in one go.

The Benefits of Using Google Ads for Business

Providing you learn how to use Google Ads effectively, they can help you to reach a wider audience of people you might otherwise miss out on. Google Ads allow you to build bespoke campaigns around apps, basic search, video content, banners and displays, and even e-commerce.

Google Ads offers a highly competitive edge to businesses who wish to take part. It is, of course, still the most-used search engine, daily, worldwide. Bidding on ad space offers you fantastic visibility when your competitor businesses may merely be using SEO techniques alone.

Therefore, there are clear arguments for using a blend of PPC and SEO together, for the best results. With PPC potentially returning fast results, and SEO being part of long-term strategy to develop quality content within a technically competent website – both are important elements of a marketing strategy. Learning how to use Google Ads for business is supported online, thanks to Google’s training programmes and walkthrough service that guide users through the platform.

You can also set your own budgets to ensure that your marketing campaigns don’t spill into overspend. Google offers an impressive amount of control to business users and their ad campaigns, making it all the more appealing.

A business that uses Google Ads is taking strides to tap directly into their target markets. In practice, it can be expensive to target very simple keywords. However, with in-depth research and analytics provided by Google, it gets progressively easier to fine-tune and edit your campaign targeting.

Google Analytics, in fact, offer a strong positive for choosing the Ads system. All the engagement information you need to know about your campaigns is available in one simple dashboard. This means you don’t necessarily need to look for alternative tools and services.

How to Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide - Fenti Marketing

Why Outsource Google Ads?

There are, however, many benefits to outsourcing your advertising platform management. While learning how to use Google Ads may be possible at ground level, it takes genuine time, effort, and skill to learn how to use the system effectively and fine-tune each aspect of your campaigns, regularly.

It is, after all, a trial and error scenario to begin with. You may have very little experience in web marketing and keyword research. In which case, knowing the right phrases to target, and how much to bid, can be confusing at first.

As leading marketers and Google Ads campaign managers in Yorkshire, Fenti is always pleased to help support growing businesses find their feet in SERPs. Whether via video content or basic search, our team’s years of expertise and understanding of Google’s intricacies will help you navigate what can sometimes be a confusing landscape.

With effective keyword targeting and careful campaign analysis, you could see strong engagement from Google Ads sooner than you might expect.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with a marketing expert, call Fenti now on 0114 2180 626, or chat to our team online to find out more.