What to Look for in an Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is more effective as a lead generation tool than ever. While it may be easy to assume that much online marketing now focuses on social media, email remains a hugely lucrative market for reaching out to new potential leads and maintaining existing customers. That is at least one reason why hiring an email marketing agency makes a huge difference.

However, we need to tap into why email marketing is still such a big deal. Why should you hire an email marketing company to handle your e-shots and direct communications?

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Agency - Fenti Marketing

Email Marketing: A Brief Overview

Put simply, email marketing is the art of pitching to an already receptive audience. While some online marketing techniques require the need to advertise to wide open markets, with email marketing you are directly communicating with a niche, targeted audience.

It is crucial to remember, first of all, that many people will opt-in to email marketing. Thanks to the rise of GDPR obligations, everyday email users are now more aware than ever that they can opt-out at any time. Therefore, encouraging leads through email marketing may be as simple, initially, as driving traffic to engaging new website content or encouraging customer reviews.

More than 100 billion emails were sent and received during 2020. That’s a staggering figure, and you might think your campaigns are likely to get lost in the melee. However, that’s all the more reason for crafting appealing, action-inspiring copy and e-shots to appeal to the right people.

Industry statistics currently put the average email open rate at around 18%, and that click-through sits at around 2.6%. Roughly two people in ten will open and read your email. However, the unsubscribe rate for 2020 sat at around 0.1%. Therefore, while not everyone you contact will open and click, even fewer will want to remove you altogether.

That’s why email marketing offers such a fantastic opportunity to businesses and brands. It’s free opt-in advertising. Your name, your services and products – they will all appear in your leads’ inboxes. Even better is the fact that they will likely want to hear from you – you have no better starting point for a marketing campaign.

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Agency - Fenti Marketing

How to Succeed in the Email Marketing Game

Of course, much like other forms of online marketing, email pitching is never an exact science. GDPR compliance laws now mean we all need to be explicitly clear with what we intend from email to email – though ethically, this has always been the case.

What’s more, your emails are going to need to deliver a direct call to action. Email copy is succinct – free from fluff and filler. It recognises a problem, offers a solution, and gives the recipient the tools they need to fix it. Those tools, of course, are the services you provide.

The best email marketing companies working today will also tell you that an effective campaign revolves around the language you use. Yes – using sharp graphics and offering great deals is a good start – but what is it about your email that makes it enticing?

You should consider using powerful language. Never coercive, but gently persuasive. Recognise your recipient’s pain points. Personalise on a mass scale wherever possible and target specific leads. Challenge half-empty shopping baskets and give people an incentive to click through. They will never owe you their time – you need to make it worth their while.

Why Hiring an Email Marketing Agency Matters

Email marketing may be something you can learn how to perfect over time. However, it makes sense to have the support of a leading, experienced agency on side to help you fine-tune your lead building approach.

An experienced email marketing company will help to build e-shots based on your existing services and products, as well as to help you work on future campaigns. This may involve creative copywriting, graphic design, and analytics. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is the fact that it is so easy to measure. An agency can source the results of your campaigns and will deliver them to you in digestible formats.

Even better – you can sew an email marketing service into part of your wider advertising strategy. The team at Fenti, for example, supports email copy, e-shot design and analytics as part of offline and online packages. This means you can work with us to actively build your brand, find your audience, and continue to pitch to the people who are going to benefit from your services the most.

Email pitching the right way is going to take time, effort, and regular attention to maintain consistent messaging – keeping your brand front of mind for when your customer is ready to buy. It therefore makes sense from a delegation and efficiency perspective to reach out to local experts who can take the reins as much as you demand.

Are you ready to make a real difference to your leads and customers through email marketing? Call Fenti now for a free consultation on 0114 2180 626 or be sure to fill out our online form for a callback whenever may be convenient for you.

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