What is Email Marketing?

You’ve probably heard the rumours that email marketing is dead… At Fenti, we couldn’t disagree more. Of course, we understand that the increase in potential scam mail has made people wary of their inboxes in recent years and that social media marketing seems to have taken over the game – but we believe email marketing is alive and thriving more than ever!

What is Email Marketing? - Fenti Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses email to connect with potential customers, share promotions and updates, and establish consumer relationships. The strategy involves sending targeted messages to a list of subscribers and is known for its ability to generate traffic and drive leads for businesses. 

It is currently the go-to tool for B2B marketers, with 93% using email to distribute their content. Offering cost-effectiveness and targeted reach, this marketing strategy is one of the most powerful ways of reaching audiences with personalised messages.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Wide Reach

Did you know more people are using email than social media? Research shows a whopping 92% of adults who are online use email, however only 79% of internet users have a social media profile. That’s a HUGE audience just waiting to be engaged with! Email campaigns also seamlessly integrate with your other marketing channels, giving your organisation maximum exposure!


Don’t believe anyone who tells you email marketing is stuck in the past. It’s highly adaptable to new industry trends and developments. With the growing demand for more direct, personalised marketing, email campaigns continue to exceed these expectations with an array of new features.

You can customise your email campaigns and create targeted content for different customers. This can involve simply adding the recipient’s name to an email or including totally different content for returning customers than one-time customers. The varying needs of your audience will determine your choice of images, subject lines and calls to action. Tailoring content to different audiences makes each email campaign more relevant and impactful.

Emails can also incorporate dynamic and interactive elements such as moving image carousels, interactive buttons and reviews. Adding interactive elements to your emails creates an engaging and fun experience, which can help boost open and click-through rates.

Own your Audience

Building an email list is crucial for any brand as this will become the direct line to your audience. Email marketing is one of the few marketing channels where you have ownership of your follower list. Your social media channels are, of course, essential for reaching and growing audiences; nonetheless fluctuating algorithms and policies risk limiting your reach. Creating your own email lists can nurture a loyal community and maintain control over your messaging.

Outstanding Engagement

This marketing tool generates impressive open and clickthrough rates. Did you know you are six times more likely to get a clickthrough from an email campaign than a tweet? This means emails boost loads of traffic to your website and socials! When sending emails that link to your content you can include a call to action so readers can click through to your site. Want to know the best bit? These results are easily measurable, so you can track the performance of your campaigns. The analytics provide valuable insights into how your customers are engaging with your content, allowing you to improve your strategy over time.

Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a critical tool for establishing brand awareness. By creating direct links with readers, businesses can build significant customer loyalty and trust. It’s a great opportunity to convey your tone of voice, brand values and key messages, while consistently communicating with your audiences. Regularly sharing valuable and relevant content such as promotions, newsletters and company news keeps your brand at the top of consumers’ minds.

What is Email Marketing? - Fenti Marketing

What are some Email Marketing Examples?

Here’s a quick look at some email marketing examples…

Welcome Email

Brands will typically send a welcome email to new subscribers to introduce their brand. This is a great opportunity to establish trust and credibility!

Exclusive Discounts

Businesses can offer exclusive coupons and promotion codes to their loyal subscribers, a perfect opportunity to entice inactive customers.

Product Launch

Email marketing campaigns can be used to launch new products and services.

Re-engagement Emails

These emails are designed to reactivate subscribers who have stopped engaging with your emails. They may contain discount codes or subject lines like “We miss you.”


Asking your readers to complete surveys is a great way to collect customer opinions, feedback, and insights.

So, what are you waiting for?

Kickstart your email marketing journey with Fenti today!

Our expert team can assist with every touchpoint of your email marketing needs, from crafting the compelling copy to designing the captivating visuals – then use our specialised platform to send it straight to your audience’s inbox.

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