Mastering the Inbox: Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business

Mastering the Inbox: Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business - Fenti Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital strategy where businesses send promotional or informative news via email to connect with customers. As a personalised communication method, email marketing can be used to promote products, share content, and develop relationships. It doesn’t have to be your ordinary email either, it can be anything that fits into an email format from a graphic, video, quiz, newsletter… the list goes on!

Why email marketing is important

An email marketing strategy remains a crucial factor in digital marketing for its tried-and-true effectiveness in engaging audiences and driving results.

Not only does it offer a direct and personalised 1-to-1 communication channel, but it also provides the ability to divide a mailing list based on demographics, behaviours, preferences, and more – meaning companies can tailor their messages to deliver relevant content, promotions, and information; resulting in higher open and click-through rates.

What’s more, when considering why email marketing is important, it also plays a crucial role in rearing leads through various stages of the customer journey, stimulating brand loyalty, and keeping customers informed about new products, services, or updates.

Mastering the Inbox: Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business - Fenti Marketing

How to start your email marketing strategy

Now that you understand why email marketing is important, let’s get started on designing your campaign! Here are six simple steps to begin…

Define Campaign Goals

What do you want to achieve with your email campaign? Determine milestones such as increasing sales, building brand awareness, promoting a new product, or driving website traffic.

Build a Valuable Mailing List

Create a permission-based email list, which includes subscribers who have opted in to receive your emails.

Choose an Email Marketing Platform

Decide on a reliable email marketing platform that suits your business’s needs, and showcases key features like list management, template design, automation, and analytics.

Create Compelling Content

Write engaging and valuable content that connects with your audience, has a clear call-to-action (CTA), includes personalised data, and an attention-grabbing subject line.

Test Before Sending

Test your emails across various staff emails and devices to ensure your email displays correctly – Check links, images, and responsiveness, to guarantee an enhanced user experience.

Monitor and Analyse

Track key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. Use these insights to refine your strategies and improve your company’s future campaigns.

Of course, there are plenty more steps along the way including automation, optimisation, complying with regulations, and maintaining consistency; but these are just our six basic stepping stones to get you rolling and understanding why email marketing is important!

How much does email marketing cost?

It can be difficult to put an exact figure on the cost of your email marketing campaigns as there are lots of considerations, such as:

  • How many subscribers are on your email list.
  • What automation settings you have activated.
  • Whether you are using in-house or third-party copy and content.
  • If the email is sent on a template or bespoke layout.
  • How many emails you are sending per month.
  • If you’ve created your own email campaign or are using a professional.

With this being said, the average monthly spending on email marketing ranges from £200 – £500 for small/medium-sized companies all the way to £1,500 – £10,000 for larger businesses; highlighting why email marketing is so important.

Mastering the Inbox: Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business - Fenti Marketing

How effective is email marketing?

Whether it’s nurturing leads, driving sales, maintaining customer relationships, or reinforcing brand loyalty, email marketing remains a versatile and vital digital marketing, capable of delivering meaningful, measurable, and lasting impact.

Businesses are now designating a reasonable proportion of their monthly budget to email marketing due to its significant return. With around 4 billion daily email users, email marketing has one of the highest ROI of marketing channels! Successful ROI is anywhere from 7% all the way to 30%, but this depends on what your goals are, to work out your ROI you can consider the calculation: Gained – Spent % Spent = ROI.

More essential reasons why email marketing is important and effective include:

  • Builds relationships between the company and clients.
  • Studies show people prefer receiving emails over other communications.
  • This digital marketing effort is stable, affordable, and controllable.
  • Avoids a paper trail and helps towards the planet.
  • It’s interactive with clickable links and graphics.
  • You can determine what needs to be improved for your next email campaign.

Why your business should use a professional

We recommend using professionals, like our team at Fenti, who can effectively run the campaign, optimise the content, track the results, and make sure your business gets the clicks it deserves.

Further benefits of using digital marketing professionals for your email marketing:

  • You won’t waste any of your budget on unsuccessful campaigns.
  • Achieve your marketing goals quicker and easier!
  • Your team’s valuable time can be spent on their own tasks.
  • Our team comprises digital marketing experts for all your email marketing needs including copywriting, graphics, links, layouts, and much more.
  • Professionals know how to monitor, analyse, track results, and explain to you in layman’s terms why email marketing is important.
  • The Fenti web team can optimise your emails for mobile and desktop.

So, after you’ve had time to digest this useful information, we hope all of your questions – from ‘what is email marketing?’ and ‘why email marketing is important’ – have been answered!

Reach out to us today to level up your email marketing game…

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