Rebrand Strategy – Why Rebrand Your Business?

As a multi-award-winning Sheffield-based marketing agency, we here at Fenti Marketing understand the importance of branding. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, we have had first-hand experience in helping grow and develop brands from all walks of life; building unique brands from scratch, as well as evolving existing ones.

What is a rebrand? – we at Fenti are here to give you the lowdown! A rebrand strategy can be extremely effective for giving your business or organisation the boost it needs; whether that’s to improve sales, appeal to a certain target audience, or stand out from competitors. 

Rebrand Strategy – Why Rebrand Your Business? - Fenti Marketing

What Is A Rebrand?

A business rebrand is a marketing strategy in which a business or organisation’s overall concept, design, message, and image are developed in line with a common purpose, goal, or ethos. This is done to create a differentiated brand identity that influences how a business is perceived by its customers. 

What a rebrand strategy entails depends entirely upon the purpose and goals of your business and its purpose. For example, if your brand’s image and/or target audience is outdated, a rebranding campaign may entail innovative design assets including logos, web design, marketing material, as well as many other design and branding factors too.

As industry experts in fully comprehensive digital marketing solutions, we understand more than most just how important your brand and image is to your business and its reputation. Having a clear and defined brand image and message helps to build both credibility and brand recognition and also helps to reinforce your brand’s purpose, products, and services.

Why Rebrand Your Business?

There are several reasons why a business may require a rebrand strategy – here are some examples…

International Growth

If your business is planning to develop internationally, then it may be necessary to rebrand your business to be more appealing to cultures worldwide. 

Business Expansion

If your business has outgrown itself, is under new management, or is merging with another existing business, then a business rebrand is the perfect way to connect with a broader audience, and get your message and ethos across effectively.

Outdated Image

Businesses are under constant growth and change, so when a brand’s image loses touch with its audience, goals, and message, a business rebrand must be carried out to maximise ROI and conversions.

Poor Reputation

Should a business be perceived as having a poor or negative reputation, a rebrand can help reaffirm your brand’s ideas, ethos and helps differentiate your new identity from its predecessor. 

Plateaued Sales

If you find that your sales have plateaued, then a business rebrand might be just what you need to get your business back on track. Updating your business’s identity, message, and approach can help lead to new conversions; ultimately boosting your brand’s overall presence.

Unclear Target Market 

More often than not, a broad and undefined target audience is not ideal for a branding campaign. Without a definite audience in mind, your brand’s focus will be diluted and is not likely to produce the results you are searching for. Having a clear, defined, and identifiable target market will focus your campaign on customers who are more likely to approach you for your services. 

Rebrand Strategy – Why Rebrand Your Business? - Fenti Marketing

Rebrand Your Business With Fenti Marketing

Rebranding your business has never been simpler with Fenti Marketing! 

As design and rebranding professionals, we are a team of marketing specialists that you can rely on. From concept to design, we are a creative agency that is extremely proud to have been instrumental in helping hundreds of businesses with our professional rebranding services; offering continued support to help nurture those brands into fruition, create credible leads, and create a brand identity you can be proud of.

Why Use A Design And Branding Agency?

  • Consistent management, advice & support
  • A broad spectrum of cross-industry experience
  • Proven & reliable expertise
  • Knowledge of the latest marketing trends
  • Unbiased perspective

Some Of The Benefits Of A Rebrand Are…

  • Connect with new audiences
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Keep current
  • Promote new products, services, etc.
  • Boost revenue & R.O.I.
Rebrand Strategy – Why Rebrand Your Business? - Fenti Marketing

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