Logo Design: Helping You Stand Out from the Crowd

Simple, effective logo design is all around us.  Think about all of your favourite brands and services – how do they stand out to you?  How do you easily recognise them?  While you may have your own particular way of picking out your favourite services and product lines, it’s probably safe to say that you’re likely to be enticed by a great logo.  After all, you only have to think about the most iconic images we see every day to understand quite how well the power of logo branding works.  Think about example such as Apple, McDonalds, Microsoft Windows – all deceptively simple, but all hugely effective at encouraging people to engage with their brands.

Getting your own business or brand logo up and running is never going to be an exact science.  After all, every field and every industry is going to be slightly different – as is every individual consumer!  There are, however, more than a few things which run common to fantastic logo design.  With the examples we’ve listed above, simplicity is one factor.  A brand which can be easily recognised is one which offers a logo which is easy on the eye, yet striking enough to remember.  This is why it’s also important to balance simplicity and style with uniqueness.

Logo Design: Helping You Stand Out from the Crowd - Fenti Marketing

Your Business in Your Logo

Think about the unique nature of your brand and your business.  What sets you apart from the rest?  Who are you aiming to appeal to?  Think about your journey as a brand and what you’d expect people to understand from your outward marketing.  Look at your competitors – are their logos original enough to warrant viral appeal?  How can you go one better with a simple yet ingenious design which speaks a thousand words with each and every glance?  Thankfully, you don’t have to possess all the answers yourself – but you do need to be ready to consider what makes your brand unique, and how you wish to appeal to your key or core demographic.

We Can Help You With Logo Design

Here at Fenti, it’s our job to help our clients reach more people than ever before.  Branding is in our blood – and we believe that effective branding is one of the most important facets of a business in the modern age.  While it’s important to be able to offer great service and unique selling points to the wider market, it’s just as important to offer people confidence in your brand.  A striking, simple and well-designed logo will ooze confidence and will speak for you – there’s no need to clutter your branding or logo with words or phrases.  Consult with a logo specialist and work towards a stylish and eye-catching branding which will immediately tell a story to those you are aiming to engage with.

Logo design is only the beginning – let our team take control of your branding strategy and help you reach a whole new level of audience. 

Get recognised with design and branding that stands out in a good way.  Call Fenti Limited today on 0114 2180 626 or email us via web form to get started.