Capturing Success: The Power of Advertising Photography

In the exciting world of digital marketing, visuals are key to capturing your target audience’s attention. One dominant tool that plays a vital role in this is advertising photography.

Did you know, incredibly, research has shown that the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can a piece of text! With that said, if you’re not investing in commercial visuals are you missing out on leads in today’s contemporary marketing game? Since it’s thought that the majority of people only read up to 28% of words on a webpage – surprising, right?

In this blog, we’re delving into the ins and outs of advertising photography, including answering ‘What is commercial photography’ and how Fenti can level up your creative imagery for any medium and campaign.

Capturing Success: The Power of Advertising Photography - Fenti Marketing

Advertising Photography in a Nutshell

Conveying a message through images is a crucial part of the advertising industry and photography is a unique form of visual storytelling; with the ultimate aim of creating compelling photos that promote a business’s or individual’s products, services, or ideas.

Captivating your audience and persuading them to call to action, regardless of the industry – whether it’s food, technology, fashion, or anything else – is always the end goal. It’s suggested that companies who use visual content grow traffic twelve times faster than those who don’t!

What is Commercial Photography?

A Commercial Photographer works within the subset of advertising photography, specifically focusing on the promotion of products or services – It often involves working closely with businesses, brands, and agencies to create powerful images that drive sales and increase brand recognition.

Whether it’s a machine for a manufacturer or a mouthwatering shot of a restaurant’s signature dish, Commercial Photographers aim to create a desire for what’s on offer. In fact, according to Etsy, 90% of online buyers said that photo quality is the most important sale factor!

Capturing Success: The Power of Advertising Photography - Fenti Marketing

Picture-Perfect Marketing: Why Photography in Advertising Matters

From lens to lead there are a plethora of commercial advantages to using photography in advertising, including:

  • Brand Recognition – Advertising photography creates a brand identity and consistent visual messaging.
  • Emotional Value – Images connect with customers on a personal level by eliciting emotion.
  • Authenticity – Visuals provide credibility and foster trust from the audience due to transparency.
  • Product Range – A single photo can showcase a variety of products that might usually take pages of text to describe.
  • Competitive – Advertising photography can set you apart from your competitors who may not have invested in a commercial photographer.
  • Increased Conversions -When using images online, social media posts get 650% higher engagement than posts which only use text.
  • SEO Benefits – High-quality visuals can improve a website’s SEO rankings and entice users to stay on the website longer.

Advertising Photography and ‘Everyday’ Photography – What are the differences?

It may seem obvious to some, but anyone who is not in the know about photography may be wondering what the key differences are for photography in advertising – Here are four interesting factors to note…

  1. Industry Standards: The commercial and advertising worlds set standards and regulations which photographers must meet.
  2. Creative Direction: Commonly, a ‘normal’ photographer can use their personal vision. However, advertising photography takes a whole team of opinions and direction – from copywriters to directors.
  3. Purpose: Advertising photography usually has a key concept and purpose which the creative team must convey.
  4. Editing: Although all photography undergoes post-production editing, commercial images require much digital manipulation to create a polished end visual.
Capturing Success: The Power of Advertising Photography - Fenti Marketing

Seeing Is Believing: Invest in Your Own Advertising Photography!

Fancy showcasing your own business through commercial imagery? Whether you’re in the cosmetic scene or construction world, our dedicated Fenti photographers are ready to take on the challenge of creating ROI-worthy photoshoots.

From brochures to webpages, our photographers know how to reflect your business and concepts perfectly – conveying your vision exactly the way you want it, while giving their expert guidance.

Get in touch with us today to get a free advertising photography quote and go from pixels to profit in no time!