Inside No. 131: Product Photography for MacDonald Joinery & Construction

Do you have a new build or refurbishment coming up soon and would like to document the process with a portfolio of creative photographs? Then Fenti is the marketing agency for you.

We offer bespoke, onsite photoshoots across the UK to capture your project from start to finish; just give us a hard hat and we’ll make sure to get involved in all the nitty gritty!

Inside No. 131: Product Photography for MacDonald Joinery & Construction - Fenti Marketing

What is product photography?

Product photography is a professional photography session that captures images of a ‘product’ to showcase it in a visually appealing and informative way! Product photography can be used for e-commerce, marketing materials, product catalogues, and other promotional purposes.

Product photography is essential for businesses wanting to sell their products online. High-quality images that showcase the product’s features and details can make a significant difference in the customer’s buying decision. A well-executed product photoshoot can also help create a brand identity and make products stand out in a competitive market.

Types of product photography

Product photography isn’t limited to objects! Depending on your business type your ‘product’ may be:

  • Lifestyle photography
  • Group (people) photography
  • Event photography
  • Construction photography
  • Architecture photography
  • Interior photography

MacDonald Joinery & Construction: No. 131

Here’s an example of construction and interior photography we just had to share from No. 131, a cool and contemporary hotel in the heart of Cheltenham, on behalf of our client Macdonald Joinery & Construction – who offer originally designed and impressively manufactured building and joinery services.

Fenti headed from Sheffield to Cheltenham for seven shoots during the campaign, but here are a few of our favourite snapshots…

From the builders drilling into the walls and floors to the final home décor being stylised perfectly, we were able to capture everything from construction photography to interior and architecture photography.

To put the cherry on the cake, we closed the project by designing a charming, print feature book which the hotel could display in its reception for guests and visitors to enjoy – including all the best shots from the progress of the traditional Georgian architecture, combined with its eclectic modern design. Fenti has also worked with MacDonald with a number of their major clients’ construction photography and interior photography, such as retail giants Superdry, Gap, and Mango!

Why product photography is important for your business…

Creative Direction: Product photography serves as a powerful tool to convey the unique attributes and visual appeal of a product to the target audience.

These visually engaging images play an important role in storytelling and evoking emotions, not to mention, building a strong brand identity! Product photography enhances consistency across different digital marketing channels, giving a unified and impactful presence.

Visual branding: Product photography serves as a powerful medium to establish and reinforce a brand’s visual identity.

This consistency in visual branding across various marketing channels promotes brand recognition, builds trust, and differentiates the brand from its competitors. Ultimately, product photography empowers you to shape and reinforce a compelling visual identity that leaves a lasting impression on consumers, contributing to the overall success of the brand.

Marketing benefits: Showing off a portfolio of incredible product photography as part of your marketing efforts is certain to build excitement and create conversations!

Product photography offers numerous benefits to a marketing campaign, such as the fact good looking product images are highly shareable on social media platforms, increasing brand visibility and reach – They also contribute to better conversion rates as customers are more likely to make purchase decisions based on compelling visuals. By evoking emotions and highlighting the product’s benefits, product photography adds depth and relatability to the marketing campaign.

If you want to remember the exceptional moments of your build, or any product shoot, like MacDonald get in touch with us today. Plus, you can check out more of Fenti’s work and case studies here.