5 Unique Strategies to Promote Your Brand

Getting to promote your brand and your business, your brand and your name out there isn’t just as simple as putting a few flyers or posters around these days – the growth of the internet, the way we consume media and the way we trust and value certain brands and services has changed things for the better, and, as such, you’re going to need to roll with the punches if you’re going to stand any chance of surviving out there in the wilds of public opinion. Fenti Marketing is all about getting your name out there in new, unique and exciting ways – and here are just a few ideas you may not have already considered when it comes to pushing your name into the public eye.

5 Unique Strategies to Promote Your Brand - Fenti Marketing

What’s Your Message?

Too many businesses and brands lead with visual appeal, or the absolute basics – with public opinion mattering more than ever before when it comes to the survival of businesses of all sizes, it’s high time you checked up on your ethos, your principles and made sure that these are spoken through each and every marketing or promotional endeavour you undertake. Make sure your messages are consistent, and that your customers know where you stand on big issues that matter to them – we’ll help you make sure that your message isn’t just on point, but also that it’s obvious and relevant to your audience, too.

Put Yourself in the Picture – Literally

We’ve all seen the websites and Facebook pages of old that are stuffed to the gills with stock photos – not everyone’s office or workspace looks the same, and to really impact upon your audience and to cultivate genuine trust and interest, you’re going to need to make sure that the media you choose and use actively depicts who you are and what you do. Make your photos stand out by having them show you and your team at work or in the field. Regularly upload videos – humanise your approach – Fenti Limited will show you how.

Specialise as Much as Possible

These days, being a catch-all service is actually considered more of a risk that going all-out on specialising, or being niche – it’s the niche markets which are likely to pick up steam, word of mouth, and viral attention in 2018. This goes for your marketing, too – appeal to a niche corner or section of your market or audience and you’ll get intensive interest from very specific customers. If you’re not already thinking niche, you may wish to take this risk moving forwards – it could be the best move you ever make, and we’ll help to show you how.

5 Unique Strategies to Promote Your Brand - Fenti Marketing

Get Feedback from the Right People

We at Fenti Limited are experts in brand design and promotion – we work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure that we not only get their messages on point, but also that they understand how and why they should be appealing to certain audiences in certain ways. Partnering with experts just makes sense – going it alone on anything slightly out of your comfort zone is taking on something of a risk – it’s important to weigh in on your options with seasoned pros who are more than happy to help.

Promote Your Brand. don’t Just ‘Sell’

In this day and age, the corporate storefront is holding less and less sway – the modern consumer is more discerning – they’ve seen and heard it all before.  Trying something new, being genuinely invested in your customers’ problems and lives – and genuinely enjoying looking for solutions should be front and centre of your marketing and branding process moving forward.  Once again, it’s all about humanising the process – and we know exactly how to capture this magic for you.

If you’re in the process of rebranding or would like to know more about how Fenti Marketing can help to manage your brand and public image moving forwards, promote your brand today by calling us on 0114 2180 626 or by emailing us at your convenience – let’s help you reach the people that need you in a whole new and effective way!