Understanding Marketing Techniques

Strategies to help build your brand

The last few weeks have been an unusual and chaotic time for many businesses – and marketing activity has been no exception. The measures brought in to address the coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of doing things – for some this is a change of direction in marketing plans and for others a complete u-turn and temporary halt in marketing activity.

But as we move on, the question is, how will you adapt and deal with the opportunities and challenges for business? And, do you know which marketing techniques to focus on to benefit your business the most?

Understanding Marketing Techniques - Fenti Marketing

What marketing techniques are best for your business?

In a changing landscape, understanding which marketing techniques are best for your business, can leave you scratching your head, especially if your business is new, you’re changing focus, or if the competition has evolved their offer. Targeting multiple audiences and stretching a limited marketing budget can make your efforts even more complex – marketing can seem like trial and error.

Businesses can use a combinations of channels, such as websites, social media and video, combined with offline channels, to give them the best chance to being seen and remembered by their target audience. But, if your resources and budget are not endless, we suggest focusing on a these essential areas of marketing and making sure they are done right.