How Could Augmented Reality Marketing Excel Your Business?

The way we advertise and market to each other is always changing.  Thanks to the growth of the internet, there are now more ways to reach your target audiences than ever before.  Some say that the old ways are the best, of course!  Here at Fenti, we believe there is definitely still a place for print marketing and traditional advertising.  However, to be able to roll with the times, you need to start looking carefully at new technology and all the bells and whistles they could bring to your business.  One of those new technologies is augmented reality marketing, and instead of leaving your designs flat on the page, you could make them stand out and be real enough to touch.

Here at Fenti, we believe in giving our clients a wide variety of choice.  This means that if we feel augmented reality branding and marketing is going to benefit you, we will certainly make a point of leading with it.  Furthermore, we want to make sure you are completely comfortable with any branding or marketing decisions we make on your behalf.  That’s why – in this guide – we’re going to take a quick look at augmented reality marketing, and how it could apply to your business model.

How Could Augmented Reality Marketing Excel Your Business? - Fenti Marketing

What is Augmented Reality, or AR?

Before we consider exactly how augmented reality or AR marketing could benefit your business, we need to consider exactly what it is that the technology does, and how consumers are already using the phenomenon.

Augmented reality came into prominence a few years ago, though it really hit the headlines when it became part of popular mobile games of the mid-10s.  Before then, and since, businesses have been harnessing the technology to offer clients and customers a chance to reach out and touch their designs.

Smartphones and tablets have the capability to see and analyse AR.  This means that users can point their device at a surface, and on their screen, a 3D model of your design will appear to them, as if it is directly in front.  This means that they can then adjust and manipulate a logo, a graphic, an animated character or prototype design of a product to their heart’s content.

It may all sound gimmicky, but it is genuinely the future of marketing.  Print and ‘flat’ media can only do so much – both in terms of enticing the public, as well as providing them with the information they need.

How Could Your Business Benefit From AR?

There are many great ways that Fenti could bring AR to the table for your business.  For example, if you have a cute mascot or character that targets a family or young market, then you may benefit from creating a 3D render that interacts with a physical environment.  It’s a great little tool which can inspire and entertain young users, and which may even help parents to explore some of the services you offer.

However, a further benefit in bringing AR into your marketing is through hands-on product analysis.  As mentioned, flat advertising can only do so much as far as some products and services are concerned.  If you are selling a tool or gadget, people want to be able to see inside it, and to get the full tour.  Think about all the photos of products you see when you shop online.  Think about the descriptions, too.  They only really give you half the picture.

Using augmented reality marketing, you could offer your audience a complete tour of your product.  While they won’t have the product actually in their hands, they will be able to look inside it and manipulate it as if they have it right in front of them.  This will help to generate greater buyer confidence in what you do.  What’s more, it will also help to answer plenty of questions that you will normally need to field yourself.  You may not always have the time or resources to be able to do this!

AR could change the way you see and approach online retailing for good.  Instead of uploading flat images and descriptions, you could choose to create AR renders for people to play around with.  This will help to cement customer decisions and will increase your chance of receiving positive feedback.  It really is a great way to inspire and encourage people to look into your products.

How Could Augmented Reality Marketing Excel Your Business? - Fenti Marketing

Why Choose Fenti?

At Fenti, we work with the latest technologies and the widest array of advertising tools at our disposal.  We are a well-established brand across Sheffield and beyond, meaning that businesses big and small trust us with each and every step of their marketing plans.  What’s more, we’re never afraid to step beyond our confines and to innovate as much as physically possible.

AR is something we have been working with for a long time.  We are not new adopters to the augmented reality game.  We understand why it exists, and what it could do to help you reach a whole new audience of engaged, motivated customers.  What’s more, it’s technology that isn’t difficult to understand or adapt to.

We are confident that each client we work with can find positive ways to bring AR into their marketing plans.  Therefore, we recommend you take a look at our portfolio, and make sure to contact our team if you’re intrigued by the potential.

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Augmented reality marketing is just one of many brilliant technologies we work with on a regular basis.  We want to give our clients a vast array of tools and platforms that bring their image and ethos into the modern mainstream!

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