Can our new Augmented Reality service perform a miracle for your business?

We’ve all heard the term ‘augmented reality’ but few have actually realised its possibility for business. Until now that is.

Fenti Marketing have spent the last few months developing the capabilities of AR and our new service is set to truly transform the way our clients do business – regularly saving them a small fortune in the process.

Can our new Augmented Reality service perform a miracle for your business? - Fenti Marketing

We are one of the very few companies in the country to truly harness the marketing potential of AR and introduce it to our clients. The opportunities it opens up are quite incredible with its ability to enhance the real world with the addition of digital content.

Just imagine if you could show your client the most minute detail of your brand new product wherever they were in the world – and the whole process could be done via your own app? AR makes this possible. This cutting edge technology allows you to showcase your product like never before – your customers can immerse themselves in its intricacies and inner workings with movement functions, 360 degree tours and more.

This innovative technology can enhance your marketing and brand presence like never before – the opportunities are truly endless.

Fenti are already starting to introduce AR to our clients and it’s all being managed by our new augmented reality mascot, elefenti.

Our jovial elephant is set to become our new creative force as he joins us for client meetings, hops around our website and more.

So, next time we meet and you spot our elefenti in the room you don’t need to go all coy on us – just be safe in the knowledge we’re about to transform your business!