What is Augmented Reality – and How Can I Benefit From It?

We’ve likely all heard of Virtual Reality, or VR, but AR – Augmented Reality – is something which has been quietly ticking away in the background as emerging tech for a number of years now. Whether it’s a part of cutting edge marketing design or an integral part of mobile games such as Pokémon Go, AR is fast changing the way we interact with users of portable devices. But what is augmented reality, and how can it be used to your brand’s advantage?

What is Augmented Reality – and How Can I Benefit From It? - Fenti Marketing

Showcase Your Product, Your Way

AR can be used in both product design and in marketing. While advertising and demonstrating your products to your customers the traditional way always drives results, augmented reality could be an epoch-maker for your business. How many customers would relish the idea of being able to look closely at and inside your product before they make a purchase. Augmented Reality can help with this in a big way – as you’ll be able to deliver an in-depth preview of everything you have to offer the public without them having to make a purchase and without having to physically do anything. Apart from load their phones and apps up, of course.

AR can be modelled and worked to your advantage, to a bespoke standard, so that you can get across each and every inch of your product line in a new 3D standard. Giving customers a tour of your catalogue or product line has always been possible through traditional or online means, but Augmented Reality goes that little bit further. What is Augmented Reality going to bring to your business? For one thing, it could well inspire a whole new level of confidence in your customers.

Pioneering Product Marketing

One of the most impressive aspects of AR is the fact that you can bring almost anything to life. Producing a new gadget? Let your customers take it for a test drive. Producing new lines of fashion for your online store? Take a 360 degree tour. AR in brand marketing and advertising allows you to remove even further doubt from your potential customers’ minds. Marketing is all about assuring your public that the products and services you offer are worthy of their time and money. Augmented Reality is set to offer a whole new level of reassurance to your buying public, meaning that you have a whole new set of tools to apply your imagination to.

The team here at Fenti Limited are experts in brand design and marketing – traditional and enterprising – and we’re proud to be one of few corporate consultancies in the UK offering AR as part of our approach. Got an idea for a 360 degree tour of your product or service line? Want to know more about how we can give your customers greater confidence in your catalogue?

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