MacDonald Joinery & Construction

Inside No.131: MacDonald Joinery & Construction Progressive Photography Shoot


The Brief

Fenti built a close relationship with MacDonald Joinery & Construction over our years of working together, so when they approached us about taking photographs showcasing their construction build and interior design project for a new client, No.131, we couldn’t wait to jump on board!

MacDonald Joinery & Construction offers originally designed and impressively manufactured building and joinery services – with major clients such as Superdry, Mango, Pret a Manger, and Gap.

The Challenge

For the vast majority of their success, MacDonald has worked with retail stores, so when they were hired by No.131 – a cool and contemporary hotel in the heart of Cheltenham – excitement was in the air for this new project!

MacDonald wanted to document their construction process to promote their impressive services to new potential clients and reveal the final stunning result – A challenge we faced together was making a construction site look visually appealing and finding the lighting, composition, and styling that create marketing-worthy shots.

The Solution

Collaborating alongside MacDonald, we were able to use everything onsite to our advantage – from the many types of rooms within the hotel and the varying work carried out in them, to using all of the construction equipment and the building/architect team as props and focal points, we created scenes that were creatively appealing and amazingly shot.

With this and visiting over the course of seven photoshoots at different times of the day, we successfully found a solution to the brief. From the builders drilling into the walls and floors to the final home décor being stylised perfectly, we were able to capture everything from construction photography to interior and architecture photography.

To put the cherry on the cake, we closed the project by designing a charming, print feature book which the hotel could display in its reception for guests and visitors to enjoy – including all the best shots from the progress of the traditional Regency architecture, combined with its eclectic modern design.

The Feedback

“Every time we get the final images back from any of our photoshoots with Fenti, we’re left speechless at how they manage to make a construction site look so visually appealing and each client’s shoot unique!

From the No.131 shoots, we loved the incorporation of the workers, wiring, floors, and equipment. Now we’re able to show existing and future clients what they can expect from partnering with us.

There’s no doubt we’d recommend Fenti for any business’ photography or digital marketing needs.”