Charles Day Steels

Photography Shoot for UK’s Leading Profile Cutting Company, Charles Day Steels


Our partnership with Charles Day, a leading force in Laser, Flame, Waterjet, and Plasma cutting services, presented an exciting challenge: to capture their mastery visually.


Our Approach

Immerse, Capture, Refine

Our photographer immersed in Charles Day’s world, translating their precision and innovation into images. From team interactions to shop floor intricacies, each shot held a piece of their story. Back at Fenti, meticulous refinement ensured these snapshots were authentic yet impactful.



From Lens to Presentation

The result? A transformation that resonated. Charles Day’s website, print materials, and social channels breathed new life as their narrative unfolded visually. Our collaboration showcased not only their technical excellence but also our ability to craft a visual tale that engages and connects.