Transforming CAD Designs into Animated Brilliance for JENX


Project Brief

JENX, a global leader in developmental equipment for individuals with physical disabilities, entrusted Fenti to bring their CAD designs to life. Our mission: to create animated videos showcasing the functionality of their revolutionary products.


What we delivered

Fenti harnessed creativity to produce a series of animated videos, highlighted by the final animations for JENX’s innovative Monkey, Bee, and Multistander Size 1. These captivating animations serve as visual guides, enabling customers to comprehend the intricacies of devices aiding children with disabilities in sitting, standing, eating, and more.


Showcasing Innovation

To the left, witness the culmination of our collaboration—a visual testament to JENX’s commitment to innovation. Our animations provide an immersive insight into the unique features and functionality of their products.


Unlocking Possibilities

Explore the transformative power of animation as Fenti brings JENX’s vision to life. Discover how our animated instructions redefine the understanding of JENX’s groundbreaking developmental equipment.