Showcasing Loadhog’s Sustainable Solutions through Vibrant Product Animations


Project Brief

As trailblazers in digital marketing, Fenti took the lead when Loadhog sought to introduce their revolutionary range of sustainable transit packaging. Armed with industry expertise, we delved into creating captivating animations to unveil Loadhog’s groundbreaking products.


What we delivered

Harnessing the power of animation, Fenti brought Loadhog’s CAD designs to life, showcasing the dimensions, functionality, and purpose of their innovative products. The animated videos, presented to the left, go beyond mere visuals—adding voiceovers and text overlays for a comprehensive and engaging final product.


Eliminating Single-Use

Loadhog’s commitment to sustainability shines through as our animations not only capture the essence of their new range but also emphasise the elimination of single-use packaging. The videos serve as a dynamic tool to communicate the eco-friendly dimensions of Loadhog’s transit solutions.


Unveiling Innovation

With the animated videos ready for circulation, Loadhog proudly unveiled their sustainable transit packaging solutions to the world. The dynamic visuals crafted by Fenti became the beacon for Loadhog’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Take a peek at the animated videos we crafted —where innovation meets sustainability in the world of Loadhog.