Bringing Grayson Fixings’ Expertise into Focus


The Challenge

Bringing Grayson Fixings’ Expertise into Focus

In 2010, Grayson Fixings tapped into Fenti’s marketing expertise. The mission this time? To capture the essence of their Rotherham branch through compelling photography.


Our Approach

Frames of Professionalism and Precision

Our lenses turned towards Grayson Fixings’ facilities, outdoor façade, and specialist products. Each shot became a canvas to depict their construction consumables supply prowess.



Crafting Visual Stories, Unveiling a Brand

Fenti’s post-shoot wizardry breathed life into these images. With professional editing, Grayson Fixings’ new visual assets were primed for the world. Their brand narrative unfolded, showcasing the blend of professionalism and precision that defines them.