ETM Blades

Elevating ETM Blades’ Industrial Excellence Through Expert Photography


ETM Blades

ETM Blades, a revered Sheffield-based manufacturer of machine blades and knives, sought to portray their cutting-edge solutions uniquely within the recycling sector.


Our Approach

Unveiling the Artistry in Industrial Craftsmanship

Our journey began with a commitment to showcase ETM Blades’ offerings in a distinct light. Armed with a camera and a vision, our photographer delved into their world. We captured the essence of their team, equipment, services, and processes, uncovering the artistry within industrial craftsmanship.



Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary

The outcome? A collection of post-edited visuals that masterfully transcend the ordinary. Everyday products were illuminated, speaking volumes about ETM Blades’ dedication to excellence. Our collaboration breathed life into their digital presence, echoing their commitment to precision.