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SEO Agency Manchester

Looking for a Manchester SEO agency and want to elevate your business’s digital presence? As a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency with over 13 years of experience and expertise, we have been developing comprehensive SEO campaigns for clients across the UK and internationally; creating tailored solutions that encompass all of your business’s digital requirements and ambitions.

Based in Sheffield, offering our services to Manchester businesses, we here at Fenti transformed content creation into a fine art through our SEO expertise. Our approach involves crafting your brand’s narrative in a way that captivates your audience while simultaneously making it abundantly clear to search engines like Google the essence of your website.

Award-winning SEO Agency Manchester

As a Manchester SEO agency, our goal is to ensure that your website is easily discoverable by search engine users. This involves a comprehensive optimisation process, addressing both the user-facing (front end) and the technical (back end) aspects of your site.

Our team features a blend of talented professionals including copywriters, web designers and developers, graphic design and branding experts, and SEO specialists; creating content that is both appealing to users and optimised for search engines, with a keen focus on SEO-driven and keyword-rich material.

Our Manchester SEO Management Services

Our suite of managed Manchester SEO services is designed to boost your online presence and attract higher-quality leads. Renowned for our expertise, we are committed to achieving outstanding outcomes.

Our holistic SEO strategy encompasses every facet of your campaign, ensuring comprehensive coverage. We prioritise regular updates and collaborative efforts, focusing on optimising your website for maximum organic traffic and ensuring its proper alignment with SEO best practices.

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Ready to take your website to the next level?

SEO Audit

Our initial step is to perform a free audit of your website, pinpointing technical shortcomings or potential enhancements. This analysis forms the foundation of a tailored SEO plan, that aligns with your specific requirements.

Industry Analysis

Integral to our evaluation is an industry analysis to grasp your target demographic and pinpoint the most impactful keywords to amplify your SEO campaign's effectiveness.

Technical SEO Enhancement

If necessary, we will address and remedy any technical issues on your website. This includes refining elements like site architecture, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness, thereby enhancing user experience and search engine compatibility.

On-site SEO

Post technical refinement, our focus shifts to improving your website’s internal content and layout. This step is crucial for making your site more appealing to both search engines and users.

SEO-driven Content Creation

Our team crafts compelling, SEO-optimised content that appeals to your audience while adhering to search engine requirements. This involves not only optimising existing web pages but also developing new ones, incorporating well-researched SEO keywords to elevate your site's visibility and attract the right customer base.

Link Building

Your SEO strategy will also include building robust backlinks and executing digital PR initiatives to enhance your website's credibility and online presence.

Customer Review Management

We assist in generating positive customer feedback, a vital component in establishing brand credibility and improving your search engine standing.

Performance Monitoring

As an esteemed and award-winning SEO agency, we diligently monitor the effectiveness of our SEO strategies and provide you with regular updates, informing you of your campaign's progress and success.

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