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Professional Web Design Nottingham

Need professional web design and development services in Nottingham? Whether you’re seeking a fresh website built from scratch, wish to update your current site’s design, integrate new ecommerce functionalities, or require dependable and eco-friendly web hosting, Fenti Marketing is your trusted ally for all your web design and development services in Nottingham!

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Google-Friendly Website

Enhancing User Engagement

Crafting a website with meticulous attention to search engine optimisation boosts visibility, enabling potential customers to easily find your brand.

Exceptional User Experience

A website designed with intuitive navigation not only captivates visitors but also fosters exploration and facilitates desired interactions, such as purchases or contacting the business.

Achieving Competitive Superiority

Through proactive SEO tactics and seamless user experiences, businesses secure a competitive edge, surpassing rivals and drawing in a wider audience.

Web Design Nottingham - Fenti Marketing

Who are Fenti Marketing?

Based in Sheffield and offering our expert web design to the Nottingham region and beyond, Fenti is proud to be recognised as an award-winning web development agency; designing and building professional websites from the ground up. If you’re looking to increase leads, set up an ecommerce website, or even develop an online community, our web design and development services in Nottingham are the solution you’re looking for. We create future-proofed, high-performance websites that deliver tangible results, offering our professional web development and design services to a diverse array of industries and businesses.

Our Web Design Projects

All Seasons Energy

Website Design and Build for All Seasons Energy, Multi-award-winning Energy Saving Installers

JCB Workwear

Ecommerce Website Design and Build for Recognised Supplier of Workwear and Accessories

Silversmiths Restaurant

Website Design & Build for Renowned Sheffield City Centre Restaurant, Silversmiths

Nottingham, Take Your Website to the Next Level with Fenti

At Fenti Marketing, we specialise in producing robust web design and development services that are future-proofed for longevity. Our solutions are designed to address the unique challenges faced by businesses located in Nottingham and beyond.

Tailored Website Solutions

Leveraging our unparalleled expertise in web design and development, we create custom websites that perfectly align with your unique goals and objectives. Whether you're aiming to drive leads, expand your e-commerce reach, or strengthen your online footprint, our solutions deliver measurable outcomes.

Comprehensive Assistance

From initial website conception and development to ongoing maintenance and support, our comprehensive suite of services guarantees that your website stays optimised, secure, and user-centric. Our dedicated team is devoted to fostering your business's digital success.

Forward-Thinking Approaches

Remaining on top of industry dynamics and harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure your website maintains relevance and effectiveness over the long haul. Our steadfast commitment to innovation ensures your online presence continues to progress and flourish.

In-House Web Content Services

Dedicated to streamlining the upkeep of your company’s online presence and operations, we craft our websites utilising WordPress, renowned as the globe’s foremost and effortlessly navigable web administration platform. Our approach avoids the use of proprietary software, ensuring that your website remains accessible to anyone, and empowering you to manage it with ease.

If you’re looking to update website content in-house, Fenti offers a pre-configured site tailored to match your brand directives. Maintaining consistency is pivotal to effective branding, and with the help of our web design and development services in Nottingham, your website will mirror your brand identity, its offerings, and its team.

Web Design Nottingham - Fenti Marketing
Web Design Nottingham - Fenti Marketing

Professional Custom Web Services and Website Maintenance Nottingham

At Fenti, we specialise not only in professional website development but also in providing ongoing web maintenance services to ensure the ongoing optimisation and security of your site. Our maintenance offerings encompass carbon-neutral hosting, monthly security updates, and general upkeep. Additionally, we offer a diverse array of supplementary web services tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Beyond crafting exceptional websites tailored to your specifications, our team at Fenti excels in enhancing site functionality and user experience over time. We provide ongoing services aimed at evolving site content and features every month, extending from initial web design and development.

You have the flexibility to select from our suite of web services based on your specific needs and budget constraints. Whether it’s copywritingSEOgraphic designphotographyvideo, or animation, we have the expertise to deliver. Alternatively, we can create a website using the content you provide. Regardless of your choice, Fenti Marketing stands ready to support you in fortifying your online presence.

Your Expert Nottingham Web Design Agency and Development Partner

For award-winning website development in Nottingham, choose Fenti. We strive to simplify the intimidating process of upgrading or creating a brand-new website, and our approach is centred around seamless communication; it all starts with a conversation. Our primary objective is to gain a deep understanding of your business, including your products, services, and target audience.

Once we have established the foundational aspects of your site, we focus on consolidating your business goals and translating this insight into a well-designed website. This involves gathering existing marketing assets or creating new ones, such as images, videos, graphics, brochures, and textual content, to ignite our creative process.

During this phase, Fenti presents a variety of design concepts for your new website. After you’ve selected your preferred design, we commence the development phase. This encompasses structuring the site, refining content, and implementing search engine optimisation techniques to ensure visibility on search engines like Google. Throughout this process, Fenti provides access to a draft version of the site, allowing you to track the project’s progress in real-time.

Web Design Nottingham - Fenti Marketing

Our Award-Winning Web Design and Development Process

Our web design and development services in Nottingham leverage WordPress alongside a comprehensive CMS and tailored post types, facilitating seamless content integration for consistent quality and adherence to SEO best practices. Each website we craft prioritises optimal user experience and effective SEO strategies.

Defining Your Needs

Through collaborative scoping sessions, we delve into your unique needs and discuss the objectives for your website, whether it's lead generation, enhancing user experience, or revitalising your brand.

Crafting a Sitemap

If necessary, we conceptualise and propose an optimal sitemap framework, enhancing both user experience (UX) and SEO.

Designing Your Website

At Fenti, we tailor your website design to your specific requirements, emphasising user experience, functionality, and mobile responsiveness, steering clear of generic templates or designs.

Developing Your Website

Upon finalising the design, we proceed to develop your site's content, either leveraging existing material or crafting new, SEO-optimised content.

Final Checks & Delivery

After completing development, we conduct thorough post-site checks and optimisations, and deliver the finalised product.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Web design is a collaborative process, drawing on a range of disciplines within a web design agency such as graphic design, SEO, and copywriting, to deliver a finished product. Web design is the process of planning and arranging content on a website. The objective is to combine aesthetics (fonts, colours, graphics) with function (layout, navigation, accessibility etc.).

There are few businesses, if any, that can get away with not having a website. In the digital age, online presence is essential. Keeping pace with evolving technology means website design is now dynamic, to meet the growing functionality needs of both website owners and visitors.

A web designer uses graphic and technical skill to design the visual appearance, layout, and usability of a website. A web developer uses coding languages such as HTML and JavaScript to build and maintain a website.

Responsive web design is the process of creating web pages that function on all devices. A responsive website will automatically adjust scale and layout for different screen sizes such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops.

Usability in web design is a measure of user friendliness. Elements of user experience includes:

  • Availability and Accessibility
  • Fully functioning, good page load speed, active links i.e. not broken, responsive
  • Clarity
  • Consistent experience free of distractions and the user finds exactly what they want
  • Learnability
  • Simple to use and intuitive website, using web design concepts familiar to the user
  • Credibility
  • Perceived trustworthiness is essential to all websites, not just ecommerce sites
  • Relevancy

If site content is not relevant to the user, the website will not achieve its objectives.

A web design agency is where you will find web designers creating websites. They are often surrounded by a range of disciplines to draw on during the making of a website. As an agency, rather than a single web designer, they provide a complete service, from design to go-live and beyond.

The result should be a hardworking website that gets the job done. A professional finish is usually the best way to make the right impression on visitors. Furthermore, a functioning site that ticks along in the background is a great way to bringing in leads. The best way to achieve this is with a web design agency.

Initially, web design cost depends on how your website is built. The DIY approach is to use a website builder like Wix or Squarespace, or by hiring a web design agency to do it or you. DIY is always a fraction of a professional job however, if you are serious about growing your business, website quality is essential.

Depending on who you go to and how complex your site is, web design can cost anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands of pounds. If you are being quoted the latter for a simple 10-page site, you are probably being taken for a ride.

Check out who has built relevant websites you like and also who your competitors and industry leaders are using. You can usually find a link to the web design agency right at the bottom of every page – if they’re doing their job right.

Go along to local business networking events and get chatting. Check out your contemporaries websites and ask who they used. Find out if they had a good experience with their web design agency and if they felt the project delivered value for money.

Put together a website brief, send it off to at least three agencies and see what comes back for comparison. The more information you provide at this stage, the more realistic the quote will be from the outset, saving you from toing and froing down the line.

Read the guide to what to look for in a web design agency for more insights.

Fenti offer free advice on how you can make every penny of your marketing budget work hard for your business. We’d be happy to have a chat about your website and perform a free, no-obligation site audit to see how hard your website is working.

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