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Expert Web Design Birmingham

In need of expert web design and development services in Birmingham? Whether you’re looking for a new website tailored to your business, need dependable and environmentally friendly web hosting, or are looking for a complete website redesign, you can trust Fenti Marketing to be your go-to partner for web design and development in Birmingham!

How You Can Benefit from a Google-Friendly Website

Improved Reach and Visibility

A thoughtfully crafted, well-intentioned and search engine-optimised website significantly enhances online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to discover your brand and services.

Enhanced User Experience

Designing and building your website with intuition in mind not only helps to keep your visitors engaged, but also facilitates site exploration, purchases, and leads.

Gain a Competitive Edge

By proactively keeping up with the latest SEO strategies and striving to provide a seamless user experience, businesses can develop a competitive edge – outshining the competition and attracting a wider customer base.

Web Design Birmingham - Fenti Marketing

Who are Fenti Marketing?

Located and founded in Sheffield, we proudly provide our award-winning web design and development services to Birmingham, the UK, and internationally. As a renowned and trusted web development agency, Birmingham businesses can benefit from our unparalleled expertise and commitment to designing and crafting hard-working websites from the ground up. Creating adaptable websites that pack a punch, we offer our web development and design services to a broad range of businesses and industries.

Our Web Design Projects

All Seasons Energy

Website Design and Build for All Seasons Energy, Multi-award-winning Energy Saving Installers

JCB Workwear

Ecommerce Website Design and Build for Recognised Supplier of Workwear and Accessories

Silversmiths Restaurant

Website Design & Build for Renowned Sheffield City Centre Restaurant, Silversmiths

Birmingham! Take Your Website to the Next Level with Fenti

Here at Fenti Marketing, our focus and expertise lie in delivering bespoke web design solutions to address the individual challenges encountered by businesses in Birmingham and beyond.

Expertise and Tailored Website Solutions

Drawing upon our decades of experience and expertise in web design and development, our experts craft tailored websites to align directly with your specific goals and objectives. If you’re looking to generate more leads, expand your ecommerce business, or boost your digital presence, Fenti’s solutions yield measurable results.

Comprehensive Support

Through every stage of the process, from initial web design and development to ongoing maintenance and support, Fenti’s comprehensive range of services ensures your site stays optimised, user-friendly, and secure. No matter what, our team of digital experts is committed to fostering your business’s success.

Forward-Thinking Approaches

Through continuous monitoring and analysis of industry trends and leveraging innovative technologies, Fenti works to ensure your website stays impactful and relevant for the long haul.

In-House Website Content Services

Always going above and beyond to optimise and simplify your business’s web operations and maintenance, we develop our websites using WordPress, the world’s most popular and intuitive website management system. We also won’t tie you down with bespoke software so that your website can be managed by anyone, eliminating the need for proprietary software.

For businesses in need of in-house web content management solutions, we offer pre-configured websites that are consistent with your brand guidelines. We recognise more than most that consistency is key when it comes to branding, and with our extensive expertise, commitment, and range of leading web design and development services in Birmingham, we ensure your new site accurately reflects your brand, services, and core messages.

Web Design Birmingham - Fenti Marketing
Web Design Birmingham - Fenti Marketing

Expert Custom Web Services and Website Maintenance Birmingham

To complement our extensive website development solutions, we provide ongoing website maintenance services in Birmingham to ensure your online presence stays optimised and secure. Our web maintenance package includes carbon-neutral hosting, monthly security updates and routine upkeep. We also offer a plethora of supplementary website services to meet the needs of your developing business.

From customer portals and online reservations, to live chat options and everything in between, our Birmingham web services are completely informed and driven by our designer’s and developer’s extensive experience and expertise. We ensure to refine website content and user experience monthly from web design and development onwards.

Our comprehensive range of web services also means that you can pick from as many of our services as you require. Whether you need SEOgraphic designcopywritingphotographyanimation, or video production services, Fenti is your one-stop shop for boosting your digital presence.

Your Expert Web Development and Design Agency Birmingham

For reliable and award-winning web development services in Birmingham, turn to Fenti. We prioritise a streamlined approach, eliminating unnecessary complexity from the website upgrading or development process. Our method revolves around understanding your business, target audience, and objectives.

After laying the groundwork for your website, we focus on translating your business goals into a high-performance online presence. This entails refining or creating marketing materials like images, videos, graphics, brochures, and textual content to fuel our creative process.

Next, we present various design concepts for your website. Once you’ve selected your preferred design, we commence the development phase, encompassing site structure, content creation, and search engine optimisation to enhance visibility on platforms like Google. Throughout this journey, our team of Birmingham web design and development experts provides a link to the draft site, enabling you to monitor progress in real time.

Web Design Birmingham - Fenti Marketing

Our Award-Winning Web Design and Development Process

Our web design and development services are built around WordPress, integrating full CMS capabilities and custom post types. This fusion ensures consistent quality and adherence to top SEO practices while keeping user experience at the forefront.

Understanding Your Needs

Through collaborative scoping sessions, we delve into your unique requirements and objectives, whether they entail lead generation, UX enhancement, or brand revitalisation.

Mapping Your Website

If necessary, we devise and propose a strategic sitemap framework aimed at boosting both user experience (UX) and SEO.

Designing Your Website

We tailor your website design to precisely fit your needs, emphasising user experience, functionality, and mobile responsiveness, steering clear of cookie-cutter designs or templates.

Creating Your Website Content

Following the finalisation of the design, we proceed to craft your site's content, drawing from existing resources or developing new, SEO-optimised material.

Final Checks & Delivery

Upon completion of development, we conduct thorough post-site checks, and optimisations, and deliver the finished product.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Web design is a collaborative process, drawing on a range of disciplines within a web design agency such as graphic design, SEO, and copywriting, to deliver a finished product. Web design is the process of planning and arranging content on a website. The objective is to combine aesthetics (fonts, colours, graphics) with function (layout, navigation, accessibility etc.).

There are few businesses, if any, that can get away with not having a website. In the digital age, online presence is essential. Keeping pace with evolving technology means website design is now dynamic, to meet the growing functionality needs of both website owners and visitors.

A web designer uses graphic and technical skill to design the visual appearance, layout, and usability of a website. A web developer uses coding languages such as HTML and JavaScript to build and maintain a website.

Responsive web design is the process of creating web pages that function on all devices. A responsive website will automatically adjust scale and layout for different screen sizes such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops.

Usability in web design is a measure of user friendliness. Elements of user experience includes:

  • Availability and Accessibility
  • Fully functioning, good page load speed, active links i.e. not broken, responsive
  • Clarity
  • Consistent experience free of distractions and the user finds exactly what they want
  • Learnability
  • Simple to use and intuitive website, using web design concepts familiar to the user
  • Credibility
  • Perceived trustworthiness is essential to all websites, not just ecommerce sites
  • Relevancy

If site content is not relevant to the user, the website will not achieve its objectives.

A web design agency is where you will find web designers creating websites. They are often surrounded by a range of disciplines to draw on during the making of a website. As an agency, rather than a single web designer, they provide a complete service, from design to go-live and beyond.

The result should be a hardworking website that gets the job done. A professional finish is usually the best way to make the right impression on visitors. Furthermore, a functioning site that ticks along in the background is a great way to bringing in leads. The best way to achieve this is with a web design agency.

Initially, web design cost depends on how your website is built. The DIY approach is to use a website builder like Wix or Squarespace, or by hiring a web design agency to do it or you. DIY is always a fraction of a professional job however, if you are serious about growing your business, website quality is essential.

Depending on who you go to and how complex your site is, web design can cost anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands of pounds. If you are being quoted the latter for a simple 10-page site, you are probably being taken for a ride.

Check out who has built relevant websites you like and also who your competitors and industry leaders are using. You can usually find a link to the web design agency right at the bottom of every page – if they’re doing their job right.

Go along to local business networking events and get chatting. Check out your contemporaries websites and ask who they used. Find out if they had a good experience with their web design agency and if they felt the project delivered value for money.

Put together a website brief, send it off to at least three agencies and see what comes back for comparison. The more information you provide at this stage, the more realistic the quote will be from the outset, saving you from toing and froing down the line.

Read the guide to what to look for in a web design agency for more insights.

Fenti offer free advice on how you can make every penny of your marketing budget work hard for your business. We’d be happy to have a chat about your website and perform a free, no-obligation site audit to see how hard your website is working.

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