Why cheapest does not always mean best

Price. For many companies this can be the decider when it comes down to what products to purchase, which services to use, and choosing who to work with. We get that. At the end of the day, looking after your budget and keeping a healthy bank balance is crucial when running your own business. However, we need to be wary of the pitfalls that come with always going with the ‘cheapest’ option, and we should all be well aware that cheapest does not always mean best.

From our point of view, running a busy and successful marketing agency in Sheffield, we know when pitching to clients that we need to be competitive in our pricing, however we also don’t undersell ourselves, and we know we can bring real value, and results, to our clients. Our team is highly experienced and skilled, and we have experts and specialists in all areas of marketing, that is something we are proud of.

Why cheapest does not always mean best

We were discussing this all with a client recently, and they likened this to a pasta analogy – they told us you can’t expect to have a great tasting pasta dish made with cheap pasta, you need good quality, fresh pasta and all the right ingredients to make it taste great. This certainly rings true; you can’t expect to use the cheapest service with your business and then expect amazing results.

So, whilst we may not always come in as the ‘cheapest’ option on the table when considering which marketing agency to use, you need to look at the whole picture. Look at the team, meet the people – do you connect? Can you trust them? Do they ‘get’ you and your business? What is their track record like? Who else do they work with? Please do not take a gamble on the company who always comes up as the cheapest. Find a marketing company that you like, a company you could work with on a day-to-day basis that will get things done. Hopefully that will be us, and one thing we can promise you now is that we won’t come at you with the hard sell, or back you into any corners. We’re Sheffielders through and through, our door is always open, and we’re here when you need us with straight talking advice. We’re always keen for a coffee and a chat about your business, we even offer free marketing check-ups; no catches, no gimmicks, just an hour of your time to discuss your business, and to give our expert advice when it comes to your marketing.

If you’d like to meet up and find out how we could help you, drop us a call on 0114 218 0626 or book a free marketing consultation.