Marketing to Gen Z: Reaching the Next Generation

In today’s digital world, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to meet the distinct and every-evolving needs of Gen Z audiences. The new generation is redefining the marketing landscape with their diversity, fresh perspectives on societal norms, and unparalleled digital fluency.

What is Gen Z?

Also known as ‘Zoomers,’ Gen Z is made up of people born between 1996 and 2010, with their identity being defined by social media, COVID 19 and a shifting economic climate.

Gen Z is the first generation to have never known a life without the internet, making them experts at navigating digital spaces and creating unique opportunities for brands to reach them through engaging and interactive marketing strategies.

Connecting with Gen Z: Crafting Effective Digital Marketing Strategies - Fenti Marketing

Why is it important to market to Gen Z?

A whopping 98% of Gen Z audiences use social media, making it an integral marketing channel for engagement and brand awareness. By marketing to Gen Z correctly, you can establish long-term loyalty with these audiences and tap into a highly influential category of consumers, who can become powerful advocates for your brand. 

Marketing to Gen Z can seem daunting at first, but don’t panic! We’ve put together our top tips for how to market to Gen Z in your strategy.

How to market to Gen Z

Create engaging content

With the rise of short-form video content like Reels filling up our feeds, attention spans are at an all time low, with Gen Z audiences zoning out at just 8 seconds. If you want to grab their attention, you need to create the ultimate scroll-stopper. Make sure your videos are colourful and visually appealing. Decorate your setting, wear something wacky –  just make every second count. It’s now more important than ever to begin with a strong hook, whether you’re directly asking a question or sharing a shocking statistic. The first few seconds of your video are crucial for capturing attention, so you need to immediately draw viewers in with something compelling.

Don’t go straight for the sell

When marketing to Gen Z, you don’t want to go straight for the sell. It’s all about building trust and authenticity. These newer audiences value genuine connections and can spot inauthentic attempts to push products a mile off! Instead of hard-selling in your marketing, focus your efforts into creating content which entertains and inspires your viewers. Work with influencers to create and push user-generated content (UGC), highlighting the human side of your brand. Foster a loyal community, and the sales will follow.

Connecting with Gen Z: Crafting Effective Digital Marketing Strategies - Fenti Marketing

Facilitate online conversations

Social media is the focal point of Gen Z culture. It’s where audiences meet and communicate. By reading and engaging in your comments section, not only can you see what users are saying about your product, but you can understand their needs on a deeper level. Research trending topics and join relevant conversations to stay reflective, infusing your responses with humour. It’s also important to show appreciation for every comment, acknowledging that someone has taken the time to engage with your brand.

Highlight your brand’s values and beliefs

Younger audiences are becoming increasingly attracted to brands with a strong set of core values. Studies show that 89% of Gen Zers are choosing to shop from brands that are socially and environmentally conscious. To reach this audience, it’s key to highlight inclusivity by actively supporting and celebrating diversity. Where relevant, post about events like Black History Month and LGBT Awareness Month, highlighting your company’s commitment to social issues and inclusivity. This demonstrates your dedication to important causes but also aligns with Gen Z’s desire for authenticity and ethical responsibility.

Always experiment!

Experimentation is key when marketing to Gen Z audiences. Always test new content types and approaches. Sometimes, it’s the posts you least expect to work that go viral. Never be afraid to try fresh ideas, play with different formats and always consider your audience’s feedback.

Connecting with Gen Z: Crafting Effective Digital Marketing Strategies - Fenti Marketing

Nail the language  

Don’t forget to speak to Gen Z in their language, especially on social media, where communication is key. Using Gen Z slang shows that you can relate to younger users and that you respect their communication style. This approach helps you seamlessly blend into their feeds, but also positions you as a relevant and relatable brand.

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