What is a Full Service Marketing Agency?

A full service marketing agency is a multi-disciplined team of marketing professionals able to manage all of a brand’s marketing communications. A full service agency will co-plan and implement a business marketing strategy, freeing up significant resources to focus on other business operations and strategy.

Supplying products and services is only a portion of the business journey. A great deal of time and resources goes into generating leads and customer retention through marketing. The advent of digital technologies means there are multiple platforms through which to connect with new and existing customers. The challenge for many business leaders is having sufficient resources in-house to reach customers via their preferred platforms. This is a primary motivation to outsource marketing to a full service marketing agency.

What is a Full Service Marketing Agency? - Fenti Marketing

In-House or Outsourced?

The benefits of hiring a full service marketing agency are far-reaching. Not only does outsourcing free up resources, but you will also save on recruitment, training, and wage costs associated with maintaining an in-house marketing team. Evolving technologies ensure marketers have to stay ‘current’ meaning an in-house marketing department incurs ongoing development costs.

In many cases, it is the business leader in charge of marketing – a common challenge for small business. In B2B supply chains, person-to-person sales is just as crucial as outbound marketing communications. A full service agency will not only take care of implementing an ambitious strategy but will also provide marketing materials to support the efforts of sales and support teams.

The Ins and Outs of a Marketing Retainer

A marketing retainer is a tailored approach to meeting business objectives. The chosen marketing agency will develop a strategy to meet agreed business objectives, drawing on a range of skills, tools, and experience in-house. It’s all about having support on-hand to leverage the right marketing tools, in the right place, at the right time.

From brochures and exhibition displays to LinkedIn posts and website content, a full service marketing agency will have your back no matter what. With an agency to rely on, unexpected and short-notice opportunities can be seized without hesitation. The range of disciplines available with a marketing retainer cover both printed and digital marketing communications:

Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Website development and support
Video and Animation
• Print

Full service really does do what it says on the tin. A full service agency will design, build, and manage websites, Google My Business profiles, print and digital advertising – the lot. Some of the most challenging elements of business marketing, e-commerce selling platforms, SEO (search engine optimisation) to improve website visibility in search engine results, and Google Ads for rapid lead generation, can be handed over to the professionals.

Digital content created and managed by a full service agency will cover ground as diverse as social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok and more – and direct marketing such as email. With opt-in making it easy to unsubscribe, email marketing presents an opportunity to keep in touch with a captive audience. The benefit of having a marketing agency manage email campaigns, is the ability to cut through the noise with targeted messaging, compelling visuals, and call’s to action that convert.

A full service creative agency will support all facets of brand promotion. The key difference is the ability to deliver relevant and engaging content, with laser-focused targeting to avoid wastage. This is the opposite of the scatter-gun approach which is an in-efficient use of marketing budget.

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Consistency is King

When it comes to branding, consistency is absolutely critical. Developing a brand is one thing, managing it is another. Brands are recognised by myriad factors such the all-important logo, typeface, colour palette, personality, and values. The identity of a brand must be consistent across all customer touch-points if it is to be recognisable.

Consistent branding spans multiple channels and media, a mix usually tailored to audience segments. From printed business cards and branded workwear to social media content and search optimised articles, consistent branding avoids mixed and fragmented messaging.

Get Results with a Full Service Marketing Agency

Outsourcing to a full service marketing agency keeps a brand at the forefront. As your eyes and ears in the ever-changing world of customer outreach, you will reap full value from every penny of your marketing budget. For a flexible marketing strategy that delivers, you need the right team to support you.