The World of Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

As we step into the future, new technologies are ever-evolving and consumer behaviours constantly changing – because of this, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and keep your business at a competitive level online…

The ways in which brands interact with their audiences online are revolutionising sales techniques and bringing in new methods of leads like never before. Want to get on board? Keep reading this blog to delve into 2023’s cutting-edge digital marketing trends and give your business the online clicks it deserves!

The World of Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 - Fenti Marketing

Navigating the Social Landscape

The relationship between brands and customers across social media platforms is ever-changing, as new social media trends are on the rise and the world is consuming content beyond likes in trailblazing ways!

At Fenti, we’re always on the lookout to stay ahead of the curve – To help you out here are 5 social media trends to keep your eye on this year: 

Social Media for Customer Service

Gone are the days of calling or emailing your query to a business, it’s suggested that around 67% of people expect to be able to contact companies (big or small) on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Shoppable Media

Hootsuite advised around 40% of brands are now using shoppable media to help consumers with product information and ease of purchase – This digital marketing trend is when images or captions provide direct links to the e-commerce product. 

Shorter Video Lengths

As the younger generation’s attention spans are said to be decreasing, if you don’t grab the consumer’s interest within seconds they’ll keep scrolling!


Almost half of the Gen Z population are using the likes of TikTok and Instagram to search instead of Google – Keywords and optimisation are more crucial than ever so that your brand or product is the answer to their query.

Gated Content

Content creators and brands want to ‘own’ their content and build better connections with their audience – Hence, they’re jumping to platforms with gated control like Patreon and Instagram Subscriptions.

Take away the stress of keeping up with the latest social media trends by letting Fenti’s social media and SEO experts manage your pages!

Cracking the Code

Like all marketing companies, at Fenti, we’re cracking the code on current and future digital marketing trends in the online world…

With online algorithms constantly changing and consumers expecting unique content, how do you ensure your brand and digital marketing strategies are flourishing?

Check out these three tips for navigating the online, social landscape in 2023:

Embrace the Influencer Marketing Rise

Brands are focusing on long-term collaborations with influencers who align closely with their values and target audience. Authenticity and transparency are paramount, and micro-influencers will gain more prominence due to their niche expertise and dedicated follower base. This industry sector of digital marketing trends is set to reach $21.1 Billion by the end of 2023.

User-Generated Content

UGC will remain a powerful tool for building trust, engagement, and legitimacy. Successful brands are encouraging users to generate and share content related to their products or services. Leveraging UGC in digital marketing strategies will help businesses tap into the creativity and influence of their customers – research has shown that 72% of consumers think customer experiences are more credible than a brand’s own testimonial.

Sustainability-Focused Marketing

Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are playing a crucial role in digital marketing. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions, and brands that demonstrate sustainability values will have a competitive edge. Digital marketing strategies focusing on eco-friendly practices and social causes will resonate with consumers – a mighty 73% of Millennials have said they would pay more for sustainable goods!

The World of Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 - Fenti Marketing

Designing for Success

At Fenti, our expert Web Developers know a thing or two about designing a website that’s future-proof, high-performing, and that fulfils all of your business’ online needs!

Wondering how to stay ahead of your competitors, and impress your audience with bespoke webpages that keep up with the latest digital marketing trends? Our Web Designers’ have compiled five tricks for designing a website that’s contemporary and user-friendly…

Mobile-First Approach

Make sure your website is designed with mobile phones in mind; meaning it’s responsive, compressed, optimised, and pop-up avoidant (to name a few).

Custom Branding

Invest in customised assets and icons that reflect your brand’s personality and add visual interest for users!

Video Background

Brands are choosing to welcome users to their sites with high-quality videos as the website’s background. This makes your webpage more dynamic and maximises additional information over a single, still image.

Social Integration

Embed your live social media feeds and/or content to showcase your business’s online presence and encourage user engagement!

Bold Typography

Set your website apart from the rest, with attention-grabbing visual impact and enhanced readability through bold and creative typography.

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, keeping up with new digital marketing trends can be tricky business – Instead, fasten your seatbelt and let our expert team drive you to digital success.