An introduction to online flipbooks: What are they and how do they benefit me?

Welcome to the wonderful world of online flipbooks! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key features of this incredibly popular digital publication method and how you can stand out from the crowd by creating dynamic pages.

An introduction to online flipbooks: What are they and how do they benefit me? - Fenti Marketing

What is a flipbook?

Let’s start at the very beginning for all the flipbook beginners out there – What do you think of when you hear the word ‘flipbook’? Depending on what era you’re from, it might be a vibrant picture book for children’s early learning or perhaps a tiny sketchbook of a drawn ‘moving’ image. Well, we’re here to tell you the modern-day version is quite the opposite…

A flipbook is exactly like a printed publication, such as a magazine or catalogue, that has been digitised to be online and interactive. The user can quickly and easily change pages of the HTML – which even includes a 3D effect that mimics the movement and audio hand-turning paper!

Conventional PDFs are old news, it’s time to get flipping.

What are the benefits of flipbooks?

There’s a mighty list of online flipbook benefits, but here’s a compilation of the points we think you shouldn’t miss:

  • Save the planet: Gone are the days of bulky paper trails, now you can provide your audience with a plethora of pages without contributing to deforestation, the overflowing of landfills and increased air pollution.
  • User experience: The interactivity of flipbooks allows you to add hyperlinks, embed videos and audio, links to your existing PDFs, and include YouTube and Vimeo videos. This not only makes it engaging, but also allows you to cross-sell services.
  • It’s easy: There’s no need to send individual paper products, in a simple click you can send your flipbook to thousands of customers. Not to mention, when the time comes to update your flipbook, you can just edit your existing one – meaning no reprinting and resending!
  • Safety first: By adding a built-in security option you can choose who views, shares and downloads your flipbook.

Tips for creating your flipbook!

Wondering how you can use a flipbook to your advantage and make it super captivating for the user? Here’s how:

  • Lead generation: By adding built-in capture forms you have a new and effortless source of lead generation – great, right? Plus, you can track the pages and see what your audience is interacting with and spending the most time on. 
  • Mobile friendly: It’s 2023, and nowadays people prefer the convenience of mobile phones to surf the web; therefore, your flipbook needs to be optimised for mobile devices so that your customers’ search runs smoothly.
  • Hello, SEO: If your flipbook is indexed (meaning a search engine can add your webpage to its index), users can nimbly land on your flipbook via their online searches if you have included relevant keywords in your text.

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