7 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Content Writing Agency

Web content comes in many formats. If you are running a business or department, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to create and publish web content all on your own. There are many reasons why working with a leading content writing agency makes sense. However, one of the key factors lies in the sheer versatility of outsourced writers and bloggers.

An SEO copywriting company with years of expertise will be happy to help you with all manner of lead generation and traffic converting content. But what are some of the specific benefits of outsourcing content writing to the professionals? Here are just a few points to consider.

7 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Content Writing Agency - Fenti Marketing

Your Website Taken Care Of

Great website content is not just informative and engaging, it ticks all the right Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) boxes. That means ensuring business relevant keywords are optimised for search engines, keeping readers engaged, and crafting inspiring calls to action.

When you outsource blog writing and web content to professional content writers, you’re one step ahead in capturing those all-important website leads. Once your site content is optimised to compete for the top spot in Google search engine results pages (SERP), all you need is winning copy to keep people on page. That’s where expert content writing comes in.

Don’t Write Off Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective customer engagement tools. Any reliable content writing agency will offer you support in writing and designing enticing e-shots to drive people back to your site, time and again.

Remember, anyone who signs up to your email list wants to hear from you. That’s why it’s so important to capitalise on that interest and professional content writers know how to drive engagement. Outsourcing content writing to an agency means they take care of everything for you, from copywriting and graphic design to dispatch and tracking.

Reach Out to Your Public

Want to go social, or make a press release? One of the best ways to get ahead in online marketing is to shout about how great your business is. That might be in the shape of regular social media posts and stories, or in the form of an exciting press release.

If you have little experience or time for content writing or advertising to your public, a content writing agency can also tackle this side of promotion for you. It’s the best way to get word out about what you do – it’s all about keeping your potential and return customers engaged.

Build Authority with Whitepapers

If you really want to become an online authority in your field, writing and publishing helpful and informative content is the way forward. Whitepapers vary from industry to industry – in politics, a legislative document and in manufacturing, a guide to new technology. Whatever the audience for a whitepaper, the purpose is to influence rather than sell.

A whitepaper audience will expect reliable facts and information, with a high degree of expertise. Outsourcing whitepaper writing to professional copywriters means all you need to do is supply the basic outline. Writers will conduct industry and keyword research, ensuring your whitepaper is downloaded, shared, and establishes your brand as though-leader.

eBook - fenti Marketing Sheffield

Inspire with eBooks

To cement your brand as the foremost authority in your field, have you considered writing an ebook? If not, now’s the time to get in touch with a content writing agency. ebooks are a powerful marketing tool, especially for B2B companies wanting to connect with a target audience. An effective ebook offers readers value in the form of expert advice, exploring industry-specific challenges and solutions.

eBooks are a valuable content asset which can be shared on a variety of platforms to boost brand awareness and build an email marketing list. A content writing agency can help you not only with the content, but also design and distribution.

Video Content Scripted and Uploaded

Video content has never been more popular and is one of the largest sources of visitor interaction in online marketing. Video content is engaging, rapidly consumed, and easily shareable – a highly effective tool for communicating with audiences.

Did you know that a content writing agency can help you with crafting video scripts? Whether you want to create an informative explainer video or promote your brand by entertaining or wowing audiences, scriptwriters will supply a production-ready script. Writers will also shape video run-throughs based on your voice and message.

Support is Always on Hand

A website copywriting agency is likely to be more versatile than you might imagine. We don’t just write blog posts – we can help with the full scope of a marketing strategy. A cross-media agency provide professional marketing support across the board whenever the need arises.

With a team like Fenti on side – graphic designers, web developers, SEO and Google specialists – your marketing objectives will never fall by the wayside. We provide a one-stop shop for all matters digital marketing – no matter your content needs.

If you need a helping hand with marketing, now’s the time to get in touch.