First impressions count

When you first meet someone, you have just 7 seconds to make a first impression. That’s not long at all. But, first impressions count, so what can you do to make sure when you meet someone, you make a good impression, a meaningful connection and leave them wanting to know more about you and your business? Get it wrong and it can take several interactions before they start to change their mind about you.

DSC02425Victoria Greensmith Photography

To begin with, think about how you present yourself. Are you standing up straight, making eye contact, do you offer a good firm handshake? Even these simple things can make someone make a snap decision about you. There’s been a lot in the media about ‘personal branding’ and what makes you stand out from the next person. Think about this and what makes you stand out, play to that if it’s a positive. Next, think about your brand and your business.

Can you tell that person clearly and concisely in one or two sentences what exactly your business does? Do you know what your key USPs are? And what makes you different from all the rest that offer the services you offer? We’ve found in the past that sometimes clients can’t do this, so that’s why they come to us – we can really drill down the key messages about your business and what makes you better than your competitors. Sometimes when you get bogged down in day to day business it’s difficult to see this. We’re the experts at bringing out the best in your business and helping you to shine.

We’re also experts at looking at how your brand looks. Is your logo right? Are your business cards and brochures professionally designed and up to date? Remember, when you first meet someone you want to leave them with something to remember you by, it needs to represent you and your business and leave them wanting more. Don’t worry if the thought of this scares you, this is where we can help.

Once you’ve got all the pieces in the right places you’ll feel confident and ready to go and pitch for that new business, knowing that you’ve got everything working in your favour to form that important first impression.

If you need help getting your first impression and business branding right then why not give us a call? Book a free consultation with Fenti today.