Infectious Positivity

A client commented the other day on how refreshing it was that no matter what they asked, and no matter what time of day, or the turnaround required, the team at Fenti were always so positive, upbeat and willing to help. From my point of view, I can’t ask for better feedback on the team than that.

It’s always nice to hear why our clients stick with us year after year. Hopefully our infectious positivity has something to do with it; we love the work we do, and the diverse range of clients that we get to work with. Some might say we’re chameleons as we’re always working across different sectors, projects and teams of people, and we know we can’t take a one size fits all approach with our clients. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your business to ensure that we market it in the right way to gain you the right customers. And for us, it’s not always about the ‘new client’ or chasing the next ‘win’. Our most valuable assets are the existing customers in our fold, to us they are like family, and we like to nurture the relationship we have with them. Perhaps that’s what makes us different to other marketing agencies in Sheffield.

Infectious Positivity - fenti Marketing

And it’s true what they say, if you give off positive vibes, you certainly get them back. We like to foster a positive, fun and creative culture here at Fenti, whilst still maintaining our roles as hardworking and dedicated marketing professionals.

Did you know that scientists also believe that those who think positively have more energy, and so if you keep a positive mindset in business, you’ll give yourself an energy boost to help you achieve your goals? Who wouldn’t want that?

With this in mind, and Mental Health Awareness Week taking place last week, we talked all about positivity and how we could all continue to create a positive mindset in the workplace. We decided for us, the following things were important to our team…

  1. Give positive reinforcement to one another – it’s important to know you’re doing a good job.
  2. Drop any negatives – mindset is more important.
  3. Encourage positive thinking and believe in yourself.
  4. Take time to refresh and reset – we’re not all super human.
  5. Motivate each other – never underestimate the power of team work!
  6. Always have time to lend an ear no matter how busy you are.
  7. Encourage fun and spread happiness.

Whilst this is a simple list, it’s a few building blocks that can ensure our positive mindset can continue here at Fenti. So, although this marketing agency in Sheffield can’t promise you an office dog, or an array of hipster moustaches, we can promise you positivity, knowledge and expertise to get your marketing bang on.

If you’d like to meet up and find out how we could help you, book a free consultation with Fenti Marketing.