Fenti is the brand new name for Jigsaw DPM

Fenti is the brand new name for Jigsaw DPM but don’t worry, the team are all still the same… if not bigger and better!

Fenti Marketing

Established in 2010, Marketing agency Jigsaw DPM is reluctantly having to change its name following a trademark dispute and feels the time and money is more worthwhile spending on their treasured customers.

Mark Shipley, Director writes ‘‘Fundamentally we have a trademark challenge and a solution is that we have to change our name. Yes, it’s all very frustrating but we are very much positive thinkers and feel that just maybe, this will be a blessing in disguise and bring a fresh new feel to everything we do.”

The team together over many of days, hours and glasses of wine, have decided on the name Fenti Limited to take the business forwards. Although we have built up a valued and strong reputation for the Jigsaw DPM brand, a name is but an empty vessel that you bring meaning to with the level of service, products that you offer and the people you work with. At the end of the day, in 3 months time we will all have forgotten anything other than being Fenti… although at the moment if you ring the office there may be a slight pause while we remember the new name!

The Fenti team are overwhelmed with the level of support that has been received from clients and suppliers alike and all we can do is say thank you.