Facebook Shops: What Is It, and How Does It Benefit Small Business?

Social media is a fantastic promotional and digital marketing tool. However, even the most social-literate businesses can struggle to make a return from Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging profitability from social media is now easier, thanks to the arrival of Facebook Shops.

Ultimately, shopping habits have changed. Previously, it was commonplace for social media users to follow a link to a website to make a purchase. Now, it is commonplace for users to shop directly in-app. Facebook Shops facilitates in-app purchasing – providing a one-stop-shop for your business, from brand awareness to conversion.

The benefits for both business and consumers are significant. For business, it’s easier to convert customers directly through targeted ads, in feed, and track conversions. For consumers, in-app purchasing is a seamless experience.

Facebook Shops: What Is It, and How Does It Benefit Small Business? - Fenti Marketing

Unifying Social Shopping

Facebook Shops blend shopping channels with social messaging applications. Instead of having to travel off-site to speak with a web chat advisor, consumers can access direct support through WhatsApp with shop owners.

Facebook Shops make the most of mobile-first convenience that many shoppers now prefer. Fewer shoppers are using a desktop or laptop to buy groceries or shop with their favourite brands. They’re doing it all through their phones, so why shouldn’t they shop through their favourite apps such as Facebook and Instagram, too?

Facebook Shops is a fantastic tool for small businesses who may be struggling to increase leads through a website alone. As any digital marketing expert will tell you, online marketing is not just about web presence, it also encompasses multiple social channels.

For business owners new to online marketing or social shopping, Facebook Shops provides a streamlined, convenient service that makes ecommerce more accessible and more affordable. The sales cycle reduces, and owners of an Instagram shop or FB store can leverage the massive reach of social media platforms with a well-designed and managed Facebook Shop.

How Do Facebook Shops Work?

Let’s consider how Facebook Shops work in practice. How can you set up an effective Facebook Shop for your own brand or business, and how can you begin targeting people who are likely to benefit from your products or services the most?

If you’ve got a Facebook for Business account, you’re one step ahead of the game. Head to the menu from your main account and tap ‘More’. You’ll then access the ‘Shop’ tab. If you can’t see this, you’ll need to change to the ‘Shopping’ template from the Page Settings menu.

Once you’re in ‘Shop’, accept the terms and conditions – once you’ve read them – and set up ‘checkout’ and ‘currency’ details. You can then simply follow the on-screen Facebook Shops builder and start adding products and/or services to your store. It really is that simple to set up Facebook Shops.

There are all kinds of tweaks and adjustments you can make to your store to improve conversion rates. It’s a good idea to explore the basics to begin with, as some of the more advance features will come in handy as your range expands. To maximise the lead generation capabilities of Facebook, experienced digital marketing experts can provide full support to set up and manage your Facebook Shop.

Why Work With Fenti?

At Fenti, we have a multi-disciplined marketing team to create and manage brands on social, from graphic design and video to engagement and direct messaging. We can launch and manage your Instagram and Facebook Shops, freeing time for you to concentrate on business operations, while the orders start to roll in.

It might seem easy enough launch Facebook Shops on your own. However, having a team of designers, ecommerce, and social media experts at your disposal will make the most of your social shopping potential. If you are stuck for time or want to know how to customise your shop to reach its full potential, make a point of getting in touch with the team at Fenti.

No matter where you are on your online marketing journey, we can remove the hassle and complexity of managing ecommerce. Now really is the time to leverage the full benefits of social media, with Facebook and Instagram Shops.