Teladoc Health UK

New Website Build and Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign for Global Virtual Care provider, Teladoc Health


The Brief

We are proud to share our collaborative work with Teladoc Health, a revolutionary virtual health company dedicated to enhancing health through a wide range of expert advice, exclusive access, and activities.

Teladoc Health began its success in the US but soon launched in the UK – along with a brand-new sister company Teladoc MyStrength, an innovative well-being app.

Commissioned by NHS South Yorkshire – The Teladoc MyStrength app supports users, allowing them to work through a range of programmes, focusing on low moods, reducing stress, mindfulness and meditation, and balancing intense emotions.

When the Teladoc team approached Fenti, they needed a fully comprehensive digital marketing campaign, covering website redesign, social media management, graphic design, copywriting, Google & Social Ads.

Our flourishing work with Teladoc has also led to connecting with their teams around the world in Brazil, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, and Spain to help enhance their digital marketing strategies!


The Project

Through our partnership, we had the privilege of working closely with Teladoc Health and Teladoc MyStrength to amplify their online presence, improve user engagement, and drive meaningful results!

Web Development: Our web team managed, updated, and improved their existing website for Teladoc MyStrength, along with undertaking a complete creation of Teladoc Health UK’s site from scratch – ensuring a modern, user-friendly, and informative platform. A key feature of this is private ‘member-exclusive’ areas of the site. 

Social Media Strategy: We developed a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to Teladoc Health’s target audience, focusing on meaningful content, engagement, and community building. Through strategic posting and user interaction, we aimed to foster a supportive online community for mental health enthusiasts. 

Graphic Design: With an emphasis on visually appealing and informative content, we crafted eye-catching graphics and infographics to convey complex mental health concepts in an accessible way. These visuals reinforced Teladoc’s educational mission and branding.

SEO: To increase visibility and accessibility, we implemented a robust SEO strategy. Our efforts involved keyword research, on-page optimisation, and content enhancements, resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

PPC: We created and managed targeted PPC campaigns to reach individuals and businesses actively seeking mental health resources. Our precise ad targeting strategies helped maximise Teladoc Health’s ad spend while delivering fantastic results. MyStrength began its PPC journey focusing on South Yorkshire towns and cities.

Animated Videos: To engage and educate the audience effectively, we produced animated videos that showcased the app and its offerings. These videos served as valuable resources, making mental well-being concepts more approachable and relatable.


The Feedback

“I absolutely love working with Fenti. They are highly creative, very responsive and have a wide breadth of experts on their team.”

Laura Mackrory, Head of Marketing