Spectrum Direct

Website Design & Build for Online Provider of Car Finance, Warranty & Breakdown Cover



Spectrum Direct aimed to enhance their online presence with a website that not only reflected their brand identity but also provided seamless user experiences. They required advanced functionalities, including integration with their internal policy management system through an API, to streamline processes and improve user satisfaction. Fenti Marketing faced the challenge of developing a website that met Spectrum Direct’s specific requirements while ensuring smooth integration with their internal systems.


Our Approach

Fenti Marketing approached the project with a comprehensive understanding of Spectrum Direct’s objectives and target audience. Our team collaborated closely with Spectrum Direct to develop a strategy that incorporated advanced API integration. Key aspects of the approach included:

Design and Development Collaboration

Fenti’s designers and developers worked closely together to translate Spectrum Direct’s vision into a visually appealing and functional website. We ensured that the design elements seamlessly integrated with the planned API functionalities.

API Integration Planning

Recognising the critical role of API integration in streamlining processes, our development team meticulously planned the integration process. We conducted thorough testing and validation to ensure seamless communication between the website and Spectrum Direct’s internal policy management system.

Robust Search Feature

Fenti implemented a robust search feature to enhance user experience, allowing customers to easily find specific services and information on the website. The search functionality was optimised to leverage data retrieved from the integrated API.

Mobile Responsiveness

Fenti prioritised mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless experience across all devices. We optimised the website’s design and functionality to cater to users accessing the site via smartphones and tablets, ensuring consistent performance.



The collaboration with Spectrum Direct resulted in significant outcomes, including Elevated Brand Image, Improved User Experience, Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Accessibility. By effectively leveraging API integration, we demonstrated our ability to deliver tailored solutions that address clients’ specific needs, contributing to Spectrum Direct’s success in the digital landscape.