Penny Hydraulics

Empowering Operation Through Engaging Instructional Videos for Penny Hydraulics


Project Brief

Penny Hydraulics, a leading name in Hydraulic Lifting Equipment, enlisted Fenti’s expertise for creating instructional videos that not only guide customers in operating their equipment, specifically cranes, but also serve as a showcase of their products.


What we delivered

Fenti crafted live-action instructional videos, featured to the left, seamlessly blending voiceovers and overlay text. Beyond just guiding users in the operation of crane systems, these videos serve a dual purpose—educating existing customers and captivating potential clients by showcasing the practical benefits of Penny Hydraulics’ products.


Showcasing Innovation

The live-action videos provide a firsthand look at the seamless operation of Penny Hydraulics’ crane systems, offering an immersive understanding of their functionality. These videos go beyond instruction, acting as a visual showcase of the products in action.


What’s Next

Currently in the pipeline are animated videos that will add another layer of dynamism to Penny’s product showcase. Stay tuned for the upcoming animated series that promises to elevate the visual narrative even further!