Owlerton Greyhound Stadium

Website Redesign for Sheffield’s Premier Greyhound Race Track, Owlerton Stadium



Delve into our project journey with Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield’s premier greyhound racing and speedway track since 1929. Faced with an outdated and less intuitive website, Owlerton sought Fenti’s expertise to modernise and enhance the user experience.


Modern Refresh

With a commitment to delivering a seamless digital experience, Fenti undertook the task of building a website that caters to Owlerton’s primary needs. The focus was on user-friendly navigation, particularly for accessing live race scores. The website boasts a modern aesthetic, aligning with contemporary design standards.


Functionality at Its Core

The revamped website not only prioritises live race scores but also seamlessly integrates key features. Users can easily explore events, discover special offers, purchase tickets, and book restaurant reservations—all with functional and intuitive design elements.