Rebrand & Brand Development for Established Sage Business Partner, Kinspeed


The Challenge

Kinspeed, a company specialising in ERP solutions, sought a comprehensive rebranding to enhance their brand image and present a more professional appearance to their audience. Their existing branding required modernisation and alignment with their evolving business goals. Fenti Marketing was tasked with devising a strategy that would effectively reposition Kinspeed in the market while fulfilling their specific requirements and aspirations.


Our Approach

Fenti Marketing embarked on a thorough analysis of Kinspeed’s current brand identity, market positioning, and target audience preferences. Collaborating closely with Kinspeed’s team, Fenti devised a strategic plan to revitalise the brand. This involved a multifaceted approach:

Comprehensive Rebranding

Fenti conceptualised a fresh, modern brand identity that resonated with Kinspeed’s core values and mission.

Website Refresh

Recognising the pivotal role of digital presence, Fenti executed a complete overhaul of Kinspeed’s website, ensuring it reflected the new brand image and provided an intuitive user experience.

Social Media Management

Fenti initiated ongoing social media management to amplify Kinspeed’s online presence, engage with their audience, and drive brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Leveraging email marketing strategies, Fenti crafted targeted campaigns to nurture leads, promote new offerings, and maintain client relationships.



The collaboration between Kinspeed and Fenti Marketing culminated in a successful rebranding campaign, yielding significant outcomes, including Enhanced Brand Image, Improved Online Presence, Increased Engagement and Effective Communication. Overall, the rebranding efforts spearheaded by Fenti Marketing positioned Kinspeed as a leading player in the ERP solutions market, paving the way for sustained growth and success in the competitive landscape.