Chesterfield Borough Council

Delivering an innovative and exciting new climate initiative for Chesterfield Borough Council



When the team at Fenti spotted the tender application for Chesterfield Borough Council’s Climate Action Now campaign, we were of course thrilled to help out with our multi-award winning fully comprehensive marketing strategies. Wishing to spread environmental awareness across the Chesterfield borough, Fenti leant their marketing expertise to help deliver a full-scale branding campaign.



Seeking to develop and deliver an innovative and exciting new climate initiative for the borough, Chesterfield Borough Council wanted to spread meaningful, pro-environmentally friendly calls to action that resonated with local people, businesses and families. To make this campaign a reality meant developing a multi-channel marketing campaign, as well as creating the new Chesterfield Climate Action Now brand identity, to help spread awareness, and drive the community into taking both individual and collective action.

With a particular emphasis on design and brand identity, the campaign aimed to utilise environmental facts and data to demonstrate how climate change can affect lives, whilst also providing tangible solutions that individuals can action in their own day-to-day lives.



Collaborating alongside Chesterfield Borough Council, we were able to develop an end-to-end design and branding campaign that encompassed all of their goals. Utilising a range of marketing platforms and communications under the Climate Action Now identity, we were able create deliberate and meaningful messages across a plethora of channels.

With a plan of action set, and four key demographics in mind – working professionals, families, boomers and businesses, the team at Fenti developed assets for a full collateral marketing campaign, including:


Social Media

Spreading meaningful and effective environmentally-friendly messages across multiple social media channels.


Email Marketing

Targeting relevant businesses and individuals with engaging email marketing content to encourage individual and collective action.


Digital & Printed Ads

Producing fun and engaging digital and printed advertisements to target the four chosen demographics in the Chesterfield area.


Direct Mail

Developing effective and engaging copy to deliver branded guidance and resources to inform and influence residents and businesses in the region to take charge and make change.


Outdoor Advertising

Fashioning captivating signage to be placed around the Chesterfield borough, including bus shelters, lamp-posts, and even refuse lorries!