Constellation Lighting U.S.

Fenti’s Animated Journey with Constellation Lighting U.S


Project Brief

Celebrating a decade of partnership, Constellation Lighting U.S, a stalwart in commercial LED lighting, trusted Fenti to illuminate their products and capabilities through animated and live-action videos. Fenti and Constellation Lighting U.S have harmonised for ten fantastic years, creating a legacy of animated brilliance.


Animated Showcase

Leveraging Constellation’s CAD Drawings, Fenti animated a series showcasing the technical prowess of their LED products. From company introductions to illuminating case studies, the animated videos became a dynamic window into Constellation’s world. Constellation Lighting seized the opportunity to capture stunning drone footage, a visual feast later transformed into live-action videos by Fenti. Post-production magic added voiceovers and text overlays for an extra layer of brilliance.


LED Technology for Anechoic Chambers and EMC Testing

Our animated video unveils Constellation’s cutting-edge LED technology, meticulously crafted for Anechoic Chambers and EMC testing. It serves as a vivid testament to the seamless fusion of Fenti’s creative prowess with Constellation Lighting U.S’s enduring legacy of innovation.