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SEO Agency Birmingham

Seeking a Birmingham SEO agency to enhance your business’s digital visibility? As an established, multiple award-winning digital marketing firm, Fenti Marketing has been innovating and managing diverse SEO campaigns throughout the UK and globally with success for more than ten years.

Situated in Sheffield, the renowned city of steel, our seasoned marketing team has refined their expertise in SEO through unwavering commitment. Our strategy involves crafting your brand’s narrative and messaging in a manner that not only captivates your intended audience but also clearly and effectively communicates the services and purpose of your website to search engines like Google.

Award-winning SEO Agency Birmingham

Delivering our SEO expertise in Birmingham and beyond, we prioritise ensuring your business’s website is both accessible and visible to search engine users. This entails a thorough optimisation process that tackles both the user-centric (front-end) and technical (back-end) aspects of your site.

Our team, a unique mix of experienced professionals, includes adept copywriters, web designers and developers, graphic design and branding experts, and SEO specialists. Together, they create content that is not only user-friendly and search engine optimised, but also driven by SEO principles and rich in keywords relevant to your industry and services.

Our Birmingham SEO Management Services

Our extensive range of SEO management services is designed to enhance your digital presence and attract high-quality leads. Fenti Marketing, recognised for our broad expertise, is committed to achieving exceptional outcomes for your business.

Our proactive SEO strategy covers every aspect of your campaign, ensuring thoroughness. We focus on frequent updates and a collaborative method; optimising your business’s website to maximise organic traffic and align with the best SEO practices.

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Ready to elevate your website’s performance?

SEO Evaluation

Our initial step is conducting a free website audit to pinpoint areas for technical enhancement or development. This forms the basis of your customised SEO campaign; tailored to your specific needs.

Industry Analysis

A critical component of our assessment is analysing your industry. This helps us identify your target market, select pertinent keywords, and amplify the efficacy of your SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Improvements

We address and resolve any technical issues on your site if needed. This often involves optimising site structure, reducing load times, and enhancing mobile responsiveness, all to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

On-site SEO Optimisation

After technical enhancements, our focus shifts to refining the internal content and structure of your site. This step is crucial to make your website appealing to both search engines and users.

SEO-focused Content Creation

Our skilled copywriters develop engaging, SEO-optimised content that resonates with your target audience while meeting search engine guidelines. This includes updating existing web pages and creating new content, integrating well-researched, SEO-rich keywords to boost your site’s visibility and attract your desired audience.

Link Building & Digital PR

A robust SEO strategy should encompass building valuable backlinks and crafting digital PR campaigns, which help elevate your website’s authority and online presence.

Customer Review Strategy

We assist in gathering positive customer feedback, which is vital for reinforcing your brand’s credibility and trust, as well as enhancing your search engine ranking.

Performance Tracking & Updates

As a leading digital marketing agency, we diligently monitor the effectiveness of our SEO strategies, providing you with regular, detailed updates on the progress and success of your campaign.

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