Why Should You Use A Social Media Management Service?

Build a social media strategy for success

We are often told that social media isn’t rocket science, but an experienced social media consultant will be quick to tell you how much time and expertise it takes to do the job right. So, having someone to deliver a social media management service might be an effective and efficient way to free up your time, and get you closer to your customers.

We think it’s a no brainer, but here are 5 very good reasons why you should use a social media management service.

Why Should You Use A Social Media Management Service? - Fenti Marketing


Quite simply, using an expert will get you the results you are after, faster. Whatever your goal, it’s highly likely a social media consultant will have done what you’re after a number of times before, and will therefore know what needs to be done to get you there. What seems like an enormous challenge for you can be done by an expert, probably at a lower cost, without the trials and errors along the way.


For many businesses, there isn’t enough time to dedicate to social media management. Social media is often nudged down the list when other priorities jump in. On the flip side, if you don’t have the skills, social media can take you much longer than it should. What might take you an age to create, schedule and manage, could be done in no time at all by an experienced social media consultant. This leaves you to focus on what you know best.


There may be a few areas of social media that you would like to focus on, but feel uncertain about how to go about it. For example, growing your social following, increasing engagement rate, or driving traffic to a website. A social media manager will have this knowledge and will help you move in a specific direction.


If you’re not seeing an obvious ROI for your social media presence, then it could be time to work with a social media consultant. Freeing up internal resources by investing in an expert could be time and cost efficient; and bring the results you are after.


A new perspective and a fresh creative approach can help bring your social media goals and campaigns to life. Sounds simple, but don’t overlook it.