What Is Social Media Management?

More than just posting

You’re probably familiar with most social media channels, let’s face it, they’re part of our everyday existence. Updates for Facebook and Twitter, sharing content across LinkedIn and Instagram, it’s all pretty mainstream. But, how confident are you at social media marketing, and using these channels to help grow your business and reach new audiences, or to influence conversations and encourage engagement? Social media management takes care of exactly that.

What Is Social Media Management? - FentiMarketing

What is social media management?

Social media management is the process of managing your social media presence, interactions and content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It includes scheduling and analysing which content should be posted where and when.

A large part of social media marketing is creating and publishing content to use across your company’s profiles, and also engaging with content posted on your social media platforms.

It sounds pretty straightforward, and if you‘ve got a firm grasp of your customers, where to find them and what will interest and motivate them, you’re well on the way

Which social media marketing platforms should you use?

Social media platforms are all very different. They each appeal to different age groups and interests, and choosing the right platform is all about understanding your audience and being clear on your goals, not to mention what kind of users each platform attracts.

The big three social platforms are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and it won’t be a surprise that Facebook is number one in terms of size, with a reported 2.5 billion users. Facebook users don’t just view profiles, the majority are connected to pages, groups and events and they check-in regularly – the potential is huge. Twitter is known to be great for brand loyalty, and LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Following on is Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest each with masses of scope for building brand awareness, customer loyalty and lead generation.

Choosing which platforms to invest your time and resources in is important, equally so is understanding the results that you get. Social media marketing takes experience to determine where to invest your efforts. It can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have access to a social media management software tool.

Why social media management is important

Social media management is crucial to make sure your efforts work together and that you achieve your social media and wider business goals. It’s important to post regular and relevant content and reply to comments and queries, but having a timeline of well thought out activities is essential to keeping any brand front of mind and encouraging audiences to choose you over someone else.