The importance of Digital Marketing during COVID-19

At a time when social distancing and social isolation are having an effect on businesses across the World, now is the time to focus your marketing efforts to digital strategies. Now, more than ever, how your business is represented online really matters.

The importance of Digital Marketing during COVID-19 - Fenti Marketing

The times ahead are uncertain for everyone, but the businesses that will bounce back quicker are the ones that keep banging the drum and ensuring their voice and brand is staying forefront. Your customers may be in isolation, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t stay in touch and continue to provide an excellent service.

Many predict that once the Covid-19 outbreak passes and we resume some form of normality, that some businesses will boom as people become grateful for all the amazing services, venues and products that we have readily available.

So, how can businesses stay ahead of the game at this point in time? There’s lots to consider. It could be fine tuning your website or working on development of a new site – something that a lot of businesses forget to keep on top of even though it is often the first place people look when they consider buying from you! Or, you could put your efforts into social media or email marketing to engage with your customers. Most of your customers are probably already on social media and keeping a steady flow of messages is crucial, as more people than ever will likely to be checking their posts much more frequently to get the latest updates. If your email marketing lists aren’t up to date, now is the time to be working on them and to increase your subscribers. And, there’s also SEO work to consider for your website to ensure that when customers need your products or services, your website is ranking well.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to think about at this point in time. As a business community we all need to pull together and keep moving, we will not be defeated and we will not stand still. Our team is here to help you and drive your business forward at this difficult time. Now is not the time to be lurking in the shadows, now is the time to act, engage and hone in on digital marketing activity.

If you’re unsure where to begin, or what strategies would best suit your business at this time, why not call us for a FREE 30-minute consultation? Use us to bounce around your ideas and we’ll happily give you our advice to keep you on track at this difficult time.