Setting up an Online Store or Booking System? We Can Help!

Our love of convenience is driving more businesses to offer a combination of traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping with e-commerce and online reservations. Convenience is the foundation of ecommerce – it’s quick and easy for customers to buy and book within a few taps of their smartphone. Luckily, setting up an online store is not the mammoth task it once was – it is easier than ever for business to offer the convenience customers seek.

If you’re keen to set up a booking system for your website, it’s really not too late to make the transition. Even long and established brands continue to make huge strides with ecommerce website design. You never know who you might reach with an online store and booking service, meaning it could well be time for you to reach out to Fenti website designers.

Setting up an Online Store or Booking System? We Can Help! - Fenti Marketing

Why Choose an Online Reservation System or Store?

Whether you are setting up a website for your restaurant, golf club or local theatre, or if you’re simply looking to branch out into online sales, you are enabling your business to access a much larger market by going digital.

Consider how you currently take bookings and reservations. Do you only accept them over the phone, or in person? The fact is, you could make the whole reservation and booking process totally convenient by providing customers with an online reservation platform.

A web designer can integrate a modern booking system with your existing website using an easy to maintain platform – meaning your website is not tied into a long-term maintenance contract. By enabling users to book and reserve online, they will be able to register for email newsletters to ensure your relationship continues to blossom, beyond a simple reservation.

The benefits of ecommerce are far-reaching. During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses were forced to pivot away from the high street to online stores. With Fenti’s help, you can easily integrate an online store into your existing site, ready to ship your products to a wider audience than ever before. Setting up an online store is a simple process when you have a team of experts dedicated to delivering convenience to your expanding target market.

Setting up an Online Store or Booking System? We Can Help! - Fenti Marketing

Why Adapting for Ecommerce and Booking Matters

At Fenti, we’ve witnessed the evolution of online shopping and bookings first hand. While a significant volume of consumers have adapted to buying online, there remains a strong need for bricks-and-mortar shopping. It’s entirely possible to integrate different methods of selling to customers.

Efficiency and convenience are business essentials. Setting up a modern, convenient online store will increase revenue and brand awareness – the opportunities to reach customers grow rapidly as you digitise more of your products and services. If your online store is slow to load, awkward to use, and doesn’t offer a range of payment methods, users will abandon their cart and shop elsewhere within seconds.

2020 was the catalyst for a mass adoption of online shopping convenience. Development of digital technologies, available through smartphones and digital assistants, will continue apace in 2021. As experts in ecommerce website design, Fenti keeps its fingers on the pulse. What trends should small to medium businesses be paying attention to?

Ecommerce Trends to Watch For

One of the most interesting trends emerging in 2021 and beyond is the shift towards artificial intelligence. Our lives are increasingly influenced by AI and machine learning through software such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. But did you know that AI is branching out into the world of ecommerce too?

It’s now perfectly possible for you to integrate AI into your website so that you can predict stock trends, offer smart recommendations to customers, and support customer queries through chatbots. This technology has been around for a while but it’s really starting to see widespread adoption. The convenience it offers for business and consumers alike is hard to ignore.

The concept of the ‘omnichannel’ shopping experience is growing in significance for retailers. Omnichannel shopping refers to brands and stores seamlessly blending online shopping with physical store interactions. For example, an online storefront may allow shoppers to buy or reserve on the web, and then pick up in store.

The omnichannel trend is prompting even the smallest bricks-and-mortar shop to adopt online sales for the first time – a trend which is fast becoming the norm across the board. Competition to provide convenient customer experience affects almost every business.

Start Selling Online with Ease

Shopping online has convenience at its heart. At Fenti, we develop websites and storefronts to offer new and endlessly convenient ways to deliver envious customer experience across different sales channels. Setting up an online store is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow sustainably.

Fenti ecommerce website design and booking systems for websites can transform your omnichannel customer experience, to deliver the convenience consumers have come to expect. Get in touch with our team today on 0114 2180 626 to find out more.