The importance of Social Media for your business

It amazes us how many businesses still neglect to use social media to promote their business, talk to customers and increase their brand awareness. To us, it’s a no-brainer to utilise these platforms in your marketing mix? We know from speaking to clients that so many people are just blown away by the whole concept of social media marketing and incorporating it into their business. Cue to call in the professionals perhaps?!

The importance of Social Media for your business - Fenti Marketing

In an age where everyone is connected and talking, you need to be involved in the conversations. People could be talking about your business right now – this is your opportunity to engage with them.

Social media not only gives you the opportunity to have these direct conversations with your customers, it also gives you the chance to build brand loyalty with and showcase them what is great about your business. These days people expect to be able to have conversations with you via social media, and this should all be part of your customer service engagement too. People expect to be able to jump online and tell you whether something has been great….or not so great. You need to ensure your business is ready to respond and that this feedback isn’t neglected. Get it right and your business will reap the rewards. Plus, who wouldn’t want that insight and feedback from their customers on what they love or want to see improving? This information is gold dust!

It’s not only existing customers you’ll reach, think of all the potential new customers out there that you could be putting your business in front of. Get the conversations and content right and you’ll not only get that brand awareness, but new visitors to your website and more conversions over time.

For businesses that are new to social media it’s often the generating of the content that is the scary part….what do we say? How do we say it? Our advice would be to just be yourself, if you’re already doing some sort of marketing it’s easy to convert this into something that would be suitable for social media. Or to put it simply, just show the world what is great about your business. Websites are great at being your shiny shop-front window, but on social media we want to scratch below the surface – what goes on day to day, what’s new, who are the people? Once you get thinking about it there’s so much you can say about your business and what makes you different from the rest.

So now’s the time to think; everybody is connected and talking…are you going to be involved in the conversations or not? The sooner you get started the better.

If you’d like to discuss beginning your social media journey or ramping up your existing efforts then give Fenti a call, we’d be more than happy to help.

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