Your logo brings your company name to life

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your logo brings your company name to life

your logo says a lot about you

Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your company’s brand. It is often what your customers, staff and suppliers recognise you by. It needs to be unique, relevant and easily identifiable. What’s more, it needs to be memorable. After all, it should be seen on everything that comes out of your company.

It has always been the case that a good looking and professional logo inspires trust, and creates a fantastic first impression. A poorly designed logo can put potential customers off.

We can help your company name come to life using the right imagery, typography, colours and style. We spend time getting to know your organisation, culture, market and competition to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your line of business.

We then create the artwork to give your logo the flexibility it needs to be used anywhere and everywhere, from 40 foot billboards to wallet sized business cards, websites to corporate stationery.


Alongside your logo, we can help you build a brand that ties everything together: your printed materials, your premises, packaging, website, advertising – in fact, wherever your name appears. We will make sure that every element is coherent across graphical elements, typography, colour selections and imagery.

Whether you want a logo that is modern and contemporary or more classical depends on the image you want your company to have. However, your logo needs to have longevity. Spending time up front getting the right logo design will mean that you and your colleagues will love your logo for many years to come, and it will save you money too. Who wants to reprint boxes of literature when a logo suddenly falls out of favour?

here are a few examples of logos we have designed, developed and created:

what is a logo?

Your logo is the graphical identifier associated with your company and its products and services. It provides your customers with a means of instant recognition. For a known brand the logo communicates that brand’s services and values. For an unknown brand, the logo still needs to represent these brand values and help it stand out from the competition

Logo design requires thought and consideration. What image do you want to portray? Formality, trust, fun, youth – all things that can be represented simply by choosing the right font. Similarly, the colours used are significant. Colours such as light green or orange give off a vibrant and warm feeling, whereas blues and greys may represent a more serious and professional tone.

Colour intensity is also used to communicate feelings. For example, muted colours and pastels are commonly used by the health and beauty industry due to the implications of cleanliness and freshness.

Getting the right logo can reap rewards, so bringing in someone with expertise in the field is strongly recommended. At fenti we employ a straightforward and practical approach to logo design

Having gained an understanding of your business, we examine the different design factors to ensure that your brand is accurately represented through each element, and bring them together in a way that we believe to be the ideal logo for your organisation.

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